Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend review

Saturday started with Andrew waking me at 8:15am saying he was almost ready to go to the church.  He was going canoeing with the youth and needed to be at the church at 8:30am.  Why is it that I always have to be up early on the weekend days that the little ones decide to sleep in?!  If I didn't have anywhere to be, they would be up at 7:30am at the latest.  At least I didn't have to take them with me, because Laura didn't want to go canoeing.  Mike and I ran errands most of the day.  We even went done a little shopping at Walgreens and had a pleasant shopping experience.
Late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, we decided that we would make a trip to Savannah after church.  My baby sis (Sarah) and I had talked about going today, so I sent her a text telling her that plans had changed and asked if she was up for an unplanned couponing lesson.  We hit Toys R Us for some games and then were off to Publix.  Have I told you I LOVE THAT STORE?! 
Now imagine Mike, me, Sarah, Andrew, and 5 little ones doing our couponing.  Mike and I were walking Sarah through some of the policies, etc.  Yes, Mike is learning the policies of the store.  I tell him things that I have learned so that he can share them when anyone asks him how we do it.  He may not remember everything, but he knows quite a bit.  I'm so proud!  Now if I can just get Andrew to remember this stuff!  We left Publix with a buggy full... $200.86 worth for $23.  The only cleaners I got were 6 Tide Stain Releasers (3- 32 oz liquids and 3- 18 ct duo pacs) for $1.49 each... on sale for $5.99, then $3 manufacturer's coupon and $1.50 Target coupon.  :o)  Sarah got $108 worth for $35, I think.  YAY!  We were all exhausted from our day out.  I think the only reason I would ever LIKE to live in or near Savannah would be to be closer to Publix.  hehehehe
Time to hop up from here and get busy with Mt. Washmore again.  It never completely goes away.  Love ya bunches!

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