Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CVS and RiteAid 9/22

Yes, I was shopping again!  My dear hubby told me to go today, so my items wouldn't be sold out.  Who would argue with a hubby telling his wife to shop?!  Not I!!! So here are my transactions to help give you an idea of how you can use your ECBs, Up Rewards, and coupons.


2- Excedrin 100+24 Value packs $9.99 each
2- Skor candy bars $0.89 each

1- $1 off Excedrin PM
$20 ECBs from Sunday night

Paid out of pocket $2.22
Saved- $21.00
ECBs earned- $16.00 ($10 for purchasing $20 in Excedrin products and $3 from each value pack)
Profit- $13.78

Rite Aid

Transaction #1
1 Jumbo pack of Huggies diapers $8.99
2 Jumbo packs of Huggies Pullups $8.99 each

$5 off $25 purchase (Rite Aid video coupon)
$2 off Pull-ups (Rite Aid video coupon)
$1 off Huggies diapers (Rite Aid Video coupon)
2- $2 off Pull-ups manufacturer's coupon
$2.50 off Huggies diapers manufacturer's coupon
$12 Up Rewards from last week

Paid out of pocket $2.01
Saved- $35.50
Earned- $6 Up Rewards ($2 each pack) and $10 Rite Aid gift card to be mailed to me for purchasing $30 in participating P&G products
Profit- $13.99

Transaction #2
1- 20pk Cottonelle toilet paper $10.99
4- Campbell's soups $1.50 each
2-Oral B toothbrushes $2.99 each
2- 20 oz. Mountain Dews $1.11 each

$4 off $20 purchase (Rite Aid video coupon)
1 BOGO Oral B toothbrush coupon
$1 off Cottonelle toilet paper (Rite Aid video coupon)
$0.50 off Cottonelle toilet paper manufacturer's coupon
1 BOGO 20 oz Mountain Dew (Rite Aid video coupon)
3- $1 off Campbell's soup coupons
$11 Up Rewards from last week

Paid out of pocket $1.02
Saved- $39.92
Earned- $6 Up Rewards
Profit- $4.98

My total out of pocket expense for the day was $5.25.  I saved $96.42.  I earned $38 in store rewards.  My profit was $32.75!!!  Yes, coupons are worth it!  I hope this helps you see how I use my store rewards to maximize my savings.  Yes, they are worth keeping up with.


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mommyx12 said...

Some great deals. And might I 'thank you' for my husband!! He loves it when consumers buy Kimberly Clark, it keeps him in a job! When I buy diapers however I usually buy Pampers and it kills him! But they are a bit cheaper and they get the job done! As for other paper stuff such as dinner napkins, toilet paper, kleenex, wipes, stuff like that we normally get from his work so I don't buy a whole lot of it. And that's perfect considering how many girls I have! I'm sure you've guessed by now where he works!

Thanks so much for your many prayers for baby Vance. It means a lot to us.