Monday, September 20, 2010

Just a few funnies...

Friday at lunch, I told JJ to eat his mac'n cheese.  He has never cared for homemade mac'n cheese, but will devour Velveeta Shells'n Cheese.  I made the real stuff and told him he had to eat some of it.  He cleaned his plate.... except for m'Nc.  We noticed a few minutes later that it was all gone, and asked him if he had raked it in the trash... something he is known to do if he doesn't like a particular food.  He told us no he didn't rake it in the trash.  After looking in the trash, we noticed that he had raked it onto looks plate.  I told him he had to eat one big bite of it and he was done.  He put it in his mouth and started chewing.... then he got sick!  After he was finished, he looked at us and said, "See!  I told ya I didn't like that stuff!"  Andrew's comment to that was, "well, there is something for the blog!"  What am I gonna do with JJ?!
Sarah and I made a late night run to CVS in Vidalia last night.  I wanted to get the free Right Guard Total Defense deodorant for my guys and my free Revlon lipstick.  You all know I have a weakness for Dove Caramel Promises.  YUMMY!  I picked up a bag while we were there.  We ate some of them last night and I forgot to put the bag away before I went to bed.  This morning, Emi and JJ start yelling that Lukey has candy.  Laura found him with ONE Dove Promise in his hand and ONE Promise left in the bag.  That little stinker had eaten the rest!!!  Oh my goodness!  I was ready to pinch his sweet little head off again!  Needless to say, he has been full of energy all day.


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