Monday, September 13, 2010

I can do more than coupon...

No Lissa, I haven't forgotten how to blog.  I will try to do better about keeping you all updated on the happenings around here.  We have all been just a little grouchy for the past two weeks.  Today was a week ago that Lukey started off our week with a stomach bug.  Poor little man ran a high temp and vomitted ALL day.  Wednesday morning, I think Rebekah and JJ woke up with it.  JJ was just beginning to eat a decent amount from the surgery.  Thursday night was when Emily decided she wanted to try out the virus.  Friday, Andrew couldn't stand it any longer and decided to join them.  Sometime in there, Lukey said once wasn't enough for him.  And JJ couldn't let Luke one-up him, so he went for round 2 late Saturday night.
JJ had his post-op appointment today.  Dr. Oliver everything looked good and released him.  JJ told him that his nose felt weird when he sneezed, and Dr. Oliver said it would for a little while.
Well, I am off to find places to store all the Powerade we bought today.  Hey, what would a trip to town be without a little couponing?!  Love ya bunches!

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