Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another successful couponing trip

Mike and I loaded up the kiddos yesterday afternoon and headed to Savannah to do a little grocery shopping.  Yep, to SAV!  I wanted to go to Publix, Kroger, and Target.  I have fallen in love with Publix and Kroger in Richmond Hill!!!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  Never thought I would say that.  Those stores are amazing.  And when I give you the totals of what I paid and saved, I think you will agree that I can justify driving an hour to go there.  Here is the rundown of what I bought:

4 Perdue whole chickens
2 TGIFriday skillet meals
1 Macaroni Grill skillet meal
4- 6pk Yoplait Trix yogurt
1- 15 oz Chef Boyardee ravioli
1- 15oz Publix ravioli (They have a deal on some items that if you buy the national brand, you get their brand free to try.)
2- 32 oz. Vlasic dill spears
10- 16oz. Wishbone salad dressings (We use a lot of Italian dressing to season our meats to grill.)
2- 9.5oz bags of Dove Caramel Promises (one of my weaknesses)
6- 77oz Ultra Downy fabric softners (90 loads)
4- 26oz. Ragu spaghetti sauce
1 Tide Stain Release pacs (34 ct)
8- 22oz Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaners
4- 2L Sunkist drinks
3- 12pk Coca Cola
4- 11.25oz Cookie Crisp cereal
1- 6pk Easy Mac snack packets
1- 6pk Publix cheesy quick snack packets (another one of those deals)
6- 12pk Nabisco cookie snack packs
2 Jumbo Pampers diapers
2 Pampers baby wipes (72ct)
1 Tide washing powder (80 loads)
2 Herbal Essence shampoo 10.17oz
2 Herbal Essence condition 10.17oz
1 Herbal Essence hairspray 8oz
2 Herbal Essence mousse 6.8oz
1 Herbal Essence spray gel 5.7oz
2 Lipton Cup-A-Soup (4pk)
3 Softsoap foaming handsoap 8.5oz
10 Lady SpeedStick 1.4oz
2 Lance crackers (8pk)
4- 100ct index cards
8- 12pk pencils (for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes)
10 pencil sharpners (for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes)
6- 10ct Bic pens (for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes)

All of these items cost me $187.41, saving me $243.75!!!  I think I have my necessities stocked up for at least 6 months, so things for MUCH longer.  My grocery list will actually be just that... a GROCERY list.  I won't have to buy cleaners and toiletries at regular prices that tend to eat up a grocery store budget.
On to more about our day.  We had a wonderful time as a family.  We took all the kids in with us to Publix.  They made a game out of looking for the "buy the national brand, get the Publix brand free" and looking for the coupon tear pads or blinkie machines.  We had one lady stop us and tell us how well behaved our kids were.  I am not saying that to brag, but it does make us feel good that all of our efforts are noticed.  I am also not saying that they were little angels all walking in a single file line throughout the store with their hands in their pockets not touching a thing.  But they were good.  We tried to keep Luke in the buggy as much as possible... even if it meant busting open one of those boxes of the Nabisco cookie packs.  I always buy what I open, so why not make my trip a little easier by letting him sit in a buggy and eat a snack.  The kids opted out of going into Kroger with us.  They sat in the van and ate a snack with I had packed.  Who can afford buying snacks at the convenience store for this small army?!  Yes Lissa, your babies were sitting in the van w/ the ac on. :o)  Mike and I browsed the aisles quickly and got what we needed. 
We stopped by one of Mike's coworkers' homes to meet his family.  We had met him on July 4th when we went to SAV to see the fireworks.  The kids got to play outside for just a few minutes, then we had to leave.... more shopping to do.  By then, the natives were getting hungry.  We grabbed supper in the mall food court before heading to Target.  We weren't in Target 5 mins and my sweet hubby had to go to the bathroom.  I don't know about you guys, but he always has to disappear to the bathroom with 10 mins of arrival.  LOL He will die when he reads this... or maybe I will.  hehehe  I think there must be some device on store doors that activates the bladders of hubbies and kiddos.
After we finished our shopping in Target, we headed over to Mike's work to pick up his check.  He even filled up my van with gas.  The four older kids were still awake then, so he decided to take them across the big Savannah bridge.  Emily and JJ had not been across it.  As we got up to the middle of the bridge, JJ started informing us that he did NOT like heights.  Emi started saying something which I couldn't hear, but JJ said, "Emi, you gotta stop saying that, or you're gonna make me start freaking out."  That kid keeps us laughing.  He is so much like Mike. 
We came home to it pouring rain.  Thank you Heavenly Father for the rain!!!!  Andrew and Mike unloaded the cooler, and everything else had to stay in the van until the rain slowed a bit.  I was anxious to get it all out and take pics to show you.  Daddy stopped by to pick up Andrew.  Mama is in Houston w/ Aunt Lisa, so Andrew is hanging out with Granddaddy for the weekend.  I am sure they will have a blast.
Well, it is lunch time and my hubby has decided he would like an omelette for lunch.  Love ya bunches! 

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Kathy Schriefer said...

Thanks so much for supporting Operation Christmas Child and mentioning it in your blog. I'm a year-round volunteer with Operation Christmas Child in Northwestern PA and have been able to travel to the Dominican Republic to see firsthand how thrilled the children are when they receive their shoebox gifts. Keep up the good work! I write a blog about gathering items for shoeboxes and if you want to stop in to check it out sometime it's at