Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting ready...

for a busy weekend.  This morning will be full of chores, but then we are headed to the 'Boro to watch fireworks at Mill Creek.  Mike is off today, so he will get to enjoy the fun with us.  I do miss him sooooo much when he has to work holidays.  Tomorrow night, we will be taking in the fireworks in SAV.  Of course, Mike will be working then, but at least he will get to experience Lukey's first impression of fireworks.  Last year, he really didn't care about them. 
This week was pretty much a bust on getting this done around here.  I haven't felt very good.  Arthritis is killing me in my left hand right now.  I took some meds earlier, b/c I knew I wanted to type some on here.... since I am soooo behind.  I am hoping to get the schoolroom done today while Lukey is with Sarah.
Lissa posted some amazing pics on my FB page taking at the kids' party.  I love the effects she used.  What a talent!!  Not to mention, she gave my blog a new look.  We are all loving it.  Can't wait to show Mike when he crawls outta bed.  I am going to let him enjoy sleeping late, since Lukey isn't here to beat on the door to wake him up. :o)
Well, if I am going to get anything accomplished in this schoolroom, I must get my behiney up outta this chair.  I pray you have a safe and enjoyable 4th.  Love ya bunches! 

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