Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Iowa 2010

So far, we have been having a great time.  We left Friday afternoon and made it to Dalton, GA, before Jacob got sick in the car.  LOL  Mike decided that we would find a room then instead of driving the extra 30 minutes to Chattanooga.  The next morning, we loaded up and headed to the Tennessee Aquarium.  My camera is acting crazy, so I didn't take it in with me.  Andrew and Laura forgot theirs in the van.  Big Mistake!!  They had a mermaid swimming in one of the tank.  They were also having a free sneak preview of the new Barbie movie for members, which we are, but we didn't stay for that.  The next showing was at 1pm, and Mike didn't want to wait around.
We spent Saturday night in O'Fallon, IL.  Mike was wanting supper at Outback, but there was a dog show in town that weekend and EVERY nice restaruant was packed.  We settled for McD's, so the kiddos could play in the the indoor playground.  You know... to use up some of that energy that had been stored up from riding all afternoon.  I asked Mike if we could go over to Best Buy to check out a digital camera I had been looking at, and he was so sweet to say yes.  Wouldn't you know, they were out of that camera!  After a look on the computer, the salesperson said a nearby store had 4 in stock.  The town was only a 20 minute drive.  Mike said we would go there.  I'm thinking it was just to try out his new Garmin GPS he bought Friday before we left. :o)  We made the trip to Edwardsville, IL, and I got a new camera.  We have all had lots of fun playing with it.  Even Mike has taken a few pics.
Sunday morning, we were up early and headed to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO.  Mike, Andrew, Laura, and I have all been up in it before.  Andrew and Laura were small, so they don't remember much about it.  I can't wait to show off some of the pics we made while we were there.  I will have to do that when we get home.  I'm making this post from the Leon Public library.  We made it to Leon, IA, around 8pm.  It was good to be here.
Monday, we went to see Grandma Marge at the nursing home.  We didn't realize it was lunch time when we got there, but I don't think she minded showing off the kids to all the residents sitting in the great room.  :o)  The nursing staff wrapped up her plate for later, while we went to her room to visit.  She told one of the other residents, "I don't know if my room will hold them all."  LOL  We stayed about an hour and enjoyed the visit.  She kept counting the kids, and almost everytime she managed to count 8.  Not sure how that happened or if she is trying to tell us something we don't know.  I was trying not to laugh.  When I handed Jonathan to her, she said he was a chunk.  I am so glad that she got to meet her newest great grandson.  Mike and I took the kids back to the house then drove up to Osceola, to get groceries at Wally World.  Andrew and Laura were so glad we didn't make them go with us.
We had planned to go to the zoo in Kansas City, MO, today, but the weather has been yuck.  It isn't raining... just a misty mess.  The snow that is on the ground is melting and everything is soggy.  We may chance it tomorrow or Thursday.  It looks like a trip to the zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, is out of the question.  The highs are only going to be in the 40s and wet most of the week.  I think if we were to try to go, Friday would be the day.
Well, I'm off to clean out our email accounts.  Until my next library trip or we get back home, love ya bunches!!! 

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