Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Prayers for our little man

Jonathan still isn't feeling very well.  His little stomach is churning as I type this.  I called Dr. Zeanah yesterday morning, and she had me come in at 5:30pm.  Before I forget, he weighs 9 lbs now.  He is growing, growing, growing.  When I called the doctor's office, I was just wanting to talk to a nurse about when I could do about his little red bottom.  I had exhausted all my tricks and wanted to know if there were other tricks to try to keep him from going from red to raw.  Right before Dr. Zeanah came into the exam room, Jonathan gave me a diaper full.  Dr. Zeanah was glad for the sample, b/c she done a quick test on it and found there was blood in it.  She said the diarrhea was not from my meds.  They stuck his big toe and ran some blood tests which came back good.  His hemoglobin was 13.5, so she doesn't think the blood in the stool has been going on long.  She has done a stool culture, and the results will be back tomorrow at the earliest.  I really don't like the waiting game, especially when it comes to my blessings AKA my hubby and kids.  She told me to call ASAP if he starts running a fever, b/c that will mean more extensive tests.  So far, he is as cool as a cucumber. :o)  Dr. Z had me listen to Jonathan's stomach through her stethoscope.  It sounded like a thunderstorm going on in there.  Poor little man!  Please say a prayer for him.  I have to say that he isn't as fussy as you would think, and he is sleeping well.
Time to refill my coffee cup.  Love ya bunches!


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