Monday, October 5, 2009

I know... I know...

Okay... I know I haven't posted in a while, but can I please get a pass this time.  I have so much to do that I don't know what to do next.  I have made a list of some projects that I need to accomplish in the next 4 weeks, and I will get them done.  It is all stuff that I want to do myself.  Last night, I started going through my pantry and straightening the shelves.  When we go grocery shopping, the kids usually put the food away when we get home.  I guess some would say I am too layed back b/c I don't care how they get it in there, as long as it is done.  Julie Moye would absolutely die from the lack of organization.  LOL  I also packed away all of the clothes that Bekah has outgrown.... or so I thought.  I went to switch a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer, and there was a bunch of clothes hanging on the rod that needed to be put w/ the other clothes that were almost overflowing from the storage container.  **sighs**
The sheetrock is still not finished in the little boys' room, our bedroom, and the kids' bathroom.  I think Mike is getting a little frustrated with it... causing him to drag his feet.  I am trying to be a good wife and not nag, but I really need it finished.  I have 4 weeks until Jonathan is born, and I have a lot of painting to do before then.  The guys did put up a mirror for me in the living room today before Mike left for work.  I keep looking at it when I walk through, and I'm thinking I told them to put it up too high.  But if we lower it much, the peg board I have under it will be too low... causing it to be a little too tempting for my little monkey to play with the pretties that hang from it. 
The rain today has been wonderful.  We have had almost 2" since 1:30am.  It seemed like during the night, each time it would rain hard I would have to drag out of bed to potty.  Gotta love the thimble-sized bladders of late pregnancy. :o) 
I am off to be productive.  The kids are scheduled for flag football/cheerleading practice, but I'm thinking that isn't going to be happening with the rain.  Yay!  I won't have to change outta my pj's.  Love y'all bunches!
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Julie_3 said...

Char, I laughed as I read your post. I too let my kids bring in the groceries.... BUT I draw the line on them putting them up. I have to have all cans front facing and stacked in the line with the other cans that are of the same origin. If I can't see them like this I have no clue what I have. This drives most ppl nuts and a few folks have begged me to come and oraginize for them. I should post a pic of my pantry shelves! :o)

I honestly don't mind other folks houses.. it is mine that drives me NUTS! I am difficult to live with and I thank my family often for their tolerance!

I hope Mike and the kids get done what they need to finish... I know that can be frustrating. I get ill with Chris sometimes, and once I threaten to do it... he finishes on up with his project!
I hope you are able to get your lsit accomplished, if not... call me... I will be all over your house and help you get that list FINISHED!
I am thanking GOd for all this wonderful rain also! Sorry you have to go potty all the time!
Love ya girl...

mhsands said...

Oh my... only 4 weeks...