Thursday, October 22, 2009

A few random thoughts

I have been sitting here for the past hour working on a slideshow for Andrew's 15th birthday.  I started thinking of those years.  I just have no clue where they have gone.  I look at Andrew and see a young man standing in front of me.  How did this happen?!  Where did my mischievous little boy go?  All too soon, he will be gone from my "nest" to live life as he feels he should.  Will he live it perfectly?  No, I'm sure he will stumble.  I just have to pray and trust in God that all the values we have taught him will lead him to follow God's plan for his life. 

As we get ready to add another little blessing into our family in a couple of weeks, I see how fast this time flies by.  We will have blessings from newborn to 15 years old.  What a combination!  I sit back and watch the older two interact w/ the younger ones.  What a blessing it is to have Andrew and Laura!  I can catch a glimpse of the type of parents they will be one day.  I see how the little ones adore their big brother and sister and how they look up to them.  It reminds me that Andrew and Laura are watching Mike and me.  We have to live our lives as an example to them. 

I read Lori Beck's blog a few minutes ago, and she posted yesterday how I have been feeling for a while.  My head is so full of what I need to do, what I think I need to do, and what everyone else thinks I need to do.  Mike has been telling me for years that I am one person, and I can't be everything to everyone.  So many nights, I go to bed w/ my mind still ticking away w/ things I didn't get accomplished, things to do the next day, etc.  I wake up the next morning just as stressed as I went to bed.  I get so caught up in everything, that I too don't take the time to hear what God has to say.  David made a comment Sunday that he said he heard from another pastor.  It was something to the effect of, 'God will give you enough time in a day to do what He wants you to do and the ability to do it graciously.'  How many times do I wake up w/ my own agenda to accomplish and I don't ask God what He wants me to accomplish that day?  Too many!  We live in a world where all the modern conveniences of life end up causing more stress than the "old ways."  We have accepted the thinking that we can do it all, and then wonder why our stress levels are so high.  Over the past couple years, I have tried to slow down and do what I feel is right for my family.  I am accountable for how I raise my kids.  How can they learn to be content w/ what God wants for us when I'm running around like a crazy woman trying to please everyone else?  If we are running from one thing to another, how can they learn to enjoy life at home with family?  Sometimes we do get super busy w/ things, and our attitudes suffer.  Those are the times when I have to stop and ask God what He wants us to do. 

Okay, I HAVE to wash some clothes and bake a pound cake for Andrew's birthday.  Love ya bunches!


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Julie_3 said...

Very sweet post. I think the same things when I look at our kiddos and I also think my attitude has suffered this summer with being busy with friends.
I am trying to make sure my kids know what God expects and to stnad for something or else they will fall for anything! Too easy to get caught up in life and then they are grown and gone! Love you guys.... Hope Andrew had a PEFERCT 15th birthday.