Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another week almost gone...

Wow!  I can't believe it is Thursday already.  It seems like the weeks are flying by.  Some days drag, but then the week is over when I blink my eyes.  I'm not complaining, b/c that means I'm closer to holding our newest little man in my arms.  I am getting so excited!  I just have this overwhelming excitement to see who he looks like and to watch his little personality unfold.  It is so amazing how each child has his/her own personality.  I can see personality traits of different family members... parents, siblings, etc.  Can't wait to see who little Jonathan will act like.
I have sent Laura and the little ones outside to play for a bit.  It isn't too warm, and I need a few minutes of quiet to get somethings done.... like blogging. :o)  Mike and Andrew are on the tractor filling in holes in our driveway.  I think they are planning on working outside today while the sun is shining.  I do enjoy the days that Mike is home, even if it doesn't do much for the school schedule.  He is able to teach our boys so much about daily life and providing for a family.
Well, I'm off to get a load of jeans washed so they can dry on the clothesline... ya know, one of those old fashioned things that Aunt Charity does.  Love ya bunches!
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mhsands said...

Sure wish that brother of mine would come fill in the holes in my driveway!

mhsands said...

Ya'll screening your calls? If the kiddos don't already know, they have an early Halloween treat in the van (or a late promise if your a pessimistic). LOL! Love ya'll and kiss to my babies!