Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday, Sunday...

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We started the day w/ Bekah crawling in our bed around 3:30am. My back has been killing me for a couple days now, so I wasn't getting a good night sleep anyway. We had decided to go to church in the 'Boro w/ my parents today, since Mama's birthday is the 14th. She is leaving the 12th or 13th, to go to Houston to stay w/ Aunt Lisa for two weeks. During breakfast, Bekah wasn't really interested in eating, but we made her eat b/c we know how she gets carsick. We pulled into the parking lot of the church, and she started vomitting. Even though we were able to catch most of it in the trashcan, she soaked her dress. GROSS!!! We didn't even get out. I stripped her down and let her cover up w/ a blanket. She dozed off and on all the way home. As soon as we got home, Laura gave her a bath for me.
She got to feeling better around 1pm, so she talked Laura into dragging out the Easy Bake oven from the closet. They made a cake, and she was very proud of herself. She told Laura, "I can have a big piece, but you can have a small piece." She did end of sharing that itty bitty cake w/ everyone in the house. Bekah must have thought the job was going to be explosive b/c she put on her goggles. LOL
I took a LONG nap mid-afternoon. I feel a little rested, but my back is still killing me. I have no clue what I have done, unless it was the painting I accomplished Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Mike says we are going to make a late night run to Walmart to do the grocery shopping. :o( I don't know that I will make it for a late night.
I have been wanting something chocolate for a while. I finally figured out that it was fudge that I had been craving. Laura asked if she could make it this time, so I let her. I have to say that she done an excellent job. The little ones were excited to have it, b/c I never make it just for us. JJ ate so much that he looks a little "green around the gills."
Well, I'm off to find something to eat. Everyone else ate fish sticks and filets... YUCK! Enjoy the pics. Love ya bunches!

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mhsands said...

I love me so Hillians! Tell Bekah "Her Lissa" is so sad that she didn't bring me any cake OR fudge! I'm feeling u with the back pain... a continuous week of it now. Tracy mentioned back surgery yesterday, but you know that isn't going to happen. And, I certain that he doesn't want to go through another surgery with me anytime soon! Kiss my babies (yes, even Andrew... my first son)! BTW, I have already been working on J's birth announcement! You know u have to let me do them... ppppplllleeeeaaaassseeeeeee!

Mom of the Hillians said...

Laura says, "Holy cow! We still have like two months until Jonathan's born." lol I will give Bekah the message. I think I may have to make a chiropractor appointment this week. It has been 3 months since I've been.

Julie_3 said...

How sweet were those pics!! She was too cute in the goggles all decked out for some major explosive cooking. I hope your back is feeling better soon.

Jen said...

Great pictures! You have a beautiful family!