Thursday, September 10, 2009

A few happenings....

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Mike has been bugging me all week about whether or not I had blogged about their fishing trip Monday.  He and the boys went fishing w/ Papa Harold that morning.  Mike has been looking forward to spending that time w/ Papa for a week or so.  They caught 12-15 big catfish for  us to have for supper Monday night.  YUCK!  Right before they stopped fishing, Andrew caught a big turtle on his line.  He pulled it in, and Papa just cut the line.  Mike was going to kill the turtle.  As he was walking toward the turtle w/ his knife in hand, JJ yells, "Don't kill that turtle!  It has a mama somewhere!"  As I'm typing this, I asked Andrew the exact wording.  JJ is informing me that it was a "sea turtle."  It wasn't... it was a regular pond turtle that annoys the guys everytime they go fishing.  Mike and Andrew said Papa had a good laugh at JJ's attempt to save the turtle.  I guess JJ was thinking about his pet turtle, Leo, at home in the aquarium... or habitat, as Emi calls it.  These kids completely blow me away some days.
Mike and Andrew finished up the girls' closet Monday afternoon.  YAY!  Now I have to just get my bootie in gear to get all the clothes back in there like I want them.  Then the next project is the finish painting the bedroom.  I am so proud of the guys.  They do such a wonderful job on their projects.  I am thankful that I have a sweet hubby who takes the time to teach his sons how to work w/ their hands. 
Tuesday morning, I got up w/ Mike and left when he left at 5:30am.  I had to go to Wally World to get groceries.  It was the only time I could spare for that amount of time.  It was nice to not have to wait in a LONG line to check out, or have people bumping into me while I'm trying to shop.  I would have preferred to sleep, but it is nice to know the shopping is done. 
Wednesday morning, I got out a wooden train set that had been sitting in my gift closet for a couple years.  I bought several of them after Christmas one year and paid almost nothing for them.  Everytime we go into Books-A-Million or Barnes & Noble, the little ones go straight for the train set.  I thought about the one we had at home but kept forgetting to get it out for them.  I needed a few minutes w/ the older kids, so I decided the train set would be the perfect distraction for the little Hillians.  Ahhh.... an hour!  I finally did have to put it away b/c they were arguing, but it was good while it lasted.  The pics we snapped aren't the best quality, but you get the idea. 
This morning was haircut time for the girls.  As much as I want my hair cut, I didn't dare get in the chair.  I know that if I let them start cutting, I won't let them stop until it is in a cute short cut.  I want to keep it longer until after Jonathan is born.  I want to be able to pull it back in a ponytail while I'm in the hospital and not have to worry about how my hair looks when visitors come.  I know Lissa and Julie will be there w/ cameras, so I can't have my hair standing up all over the place.  Mike is wanting my hair short again, because he is sick of it being in his face at night.  If he rolls over to snuggle up behind me, he always tucks my hair under his pillow.  LOL
Well, I have to go check the veggie soup in the slow cooker.  Yes, I'm making veggie soup.  I have been craving it for weeks, and I am finally making it.  I know it is still warm outside, but it is cool inside.  The kids aren't complaining about my decision.  They have been wanting soup just as long as I have.
Love ya bunches!
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mhsands said...

Well, if you are really in the soup mood, you can make me some of Grandma's potato soup -- my fav! Also, tell Michael that I want my livingroom painted... Kiss my babies and tell them Aunt Lissa loves them bunches!

Mom of the Hillians said...

It won't do any good to tell Mike that you want the livingroom painted, b/c he doesn't do it. I do! The potato soup will be the next one I make, but it will be a while. The kids say hello and send lots of lovin'.

Julie_3 said...

Hey girl.... glad to hear that you had a few minutes of peace with that train set. I try to hide stuff for rainy days also. I have a cupcake baking set that I bought Kris this spring and I am saving it for Christmas.
I made soup this week also... I do love some yummo potato soup!
Funny about the turtle... That JJ is a card. :o)