Friday, August 21, 2009

The week review...

Our week started w/ doctor appointments for me and Luke on Monday morning. Mike went with us. I had an ultrasound and got to see our little Jonathan squirming around. He still wouldn't give us a good 4-D face shot. He is measuring right now schedule. I scheduled my induction for November 4. Yes, I know it is early, but I don't want anyone else to get that date. Luke's appointment took FOREVER. We signed in at 11am for his 11:15am appointment. We weren't called to the back until 12:10pm. Can you imagine Mike and Luke's moods by this time?! We didn't leave until almost 1pm. We were all starving, and Luke was ready for a nap. The doctor said that all 3 doctors in the office were seeing an extra 10-15 patients each per day for the past two weeks. The sick child waiting room was full when we got there, and I've never seen it like that before. I just thank God that we were just there for a recheck on Luke's hemoglobin, and we could sit in the well child waiting room.
We started our school year on Tuesday. It was quiet a day. Mike was home, and I felt like I should be spending time with him. But, I also needed to help the kids with their school work. Mike got a call midmorning about an a/c job, so he told Andrew to get as much work done and be ready to leave by noon. They done the job and then Andrew finished the rest of his school work that evening. JJ was in a crabby mood, so he got to go to bed early that night. Whew, glad the first day is behind us!
Wednesday was a pretty good day. Everyone, including JJ, was in a good mood and got their work done without complaints. Holding my breath and praying that this continues! Mike got the baby gate put back up for me, so Luke is still trying to adjust to being shut off from the one end of the house or the other at times. He has already tried to climb it, which he can't. Bekah stayed the night with Papa Harold and Grandma Jean. She was excited to spend the time with them, and I'm sure they enjoyed it just as much. At bedtime, JJ told me he wasn't sleepy. I told him he had to go to bed b/c the next day was a school day. "I don't want to have a school day," was his reply. When I told him that he had to, he asked the typical question, "Why?" I told him he was growing up, and it was a part of getting older. He said, "I don't wanna get older then!" I can already see that this is gonna be an interesting year! I spent several hours online after the little ones were in bed and asleep looking up lab supplies for Andrew's Physical Science course. I put some in the "shopping cart" on a website and then went to bed thinking I would finish it the next day.
Thursday was another good day. We got started w/ Algebra 1 and 7th grade math before any of the little ones woke up. I worked on the lab supply list off and on all day as I got a free 10-15 minutes. I thought I would print out the list to show Mike to see what he said, especially since it was a little over $250. I couldn't get the stupid list to print. So what did I do?! I closed the screen thinking that it was saved since it had saved it the night before. NOPE, it didn't... all my hard work was GONE!!!! I could have cry and threw the computer out of the back door, but I didn't. I just decided to wait until that night to get it all done again. Emi, JJ, and Bekah was super excited when the mail came. I had ordered a book to teach cutting skills. I thought that would be more interesting than just handing them blank paper and letting them cut it up. I made copies of a page and had them all sit down at their little table. We went over the rules for scissors... no cutting hair, no cutting clothing (JJ has already shredded a shirt before b/c it wasn't "perfect." Don't ask me! Those were his words!), no getting up from the table and walking around with scissors, etc. They had a blast! After they finished their paper, I gave them each a piece of yellow construction paper to cut as they wished. I'm still finding little pieces of yellow paper.
Today was a good day. Mike was home. He checked on my dishwasher that was leaking. He needs to get a seal for it, I think. Andrew and Laura are really doing well with their schooling. I have to share a MAJOR accomplishment for Emily. Last year, she struggled with phonics. She just wasn't getting it. The more we worked on it, the more stressed out she got, which in turn stressed me out. We all know that Emi is smart as a whip, but the phonics weren't clicking with her. After lots of prayer, I put the phonics away. We were doing more harm than good. I pulled the Saxon Phonics K back out this week to give it another go. She is still having some problems, but she isn't getting stressed out like she did last year. Today, she read her first little reader. Of course it had itty bitty words, "A hot hog. A hot log. A hot tot. A hot pal. The End." But she read the book herself. She was so excited! She read it to everyone in the house. I made a big deal of it being "story time" and asked if she could read the book to the "little ones." JJ being JJ didn't disappoint. As soon as she finished reading the book, he said, "That story was boring! Can you read us a real book, Emi?" Oh my goodness, what am I going to do with him. I thought Andrew was going to fall out of his chair laughing. Needless to say, Emi read that book to them 3 or 4 more times. We could hear her in their bedroom say, "Okay, I'm not going to read if you don't sit down. JJ, put that down or I'm going to put the book away." Wonder where she gets that from?!
Last night I started priming the little girls' closet. I know Mike wants to get that project completed, but can't until I get my part done. I put the first coat on last night and put the second coat on tonight. I also started priming the walls that the closet is on. I need to put one more coat on those walls, then I can paint. I wanted a pink color on the walls but decided to use an off white. I will use the wall stickers for the "color." I know that if Mike's mom were still living, the painting would be done already. The woman loved to paint a room. We talk about her all the time,and it only makes me miss her more.
Well, this chick is exhausted. I'm going to get some sleep. Mike has another a/c job tomorrow in Savannah. I think I'm going to get up and leave to go grocery shopping when he leaves. So much for sleeping in w/ my hubby! Love ya bunches!

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Julie_3 said...

Did you peek into my home when my kids were younger? This sounds a lot like our days!
JJ is a card! He is so much like his daddy it is unreal. You have to love him........
Hope you got all of your supplies ordered for Andrew!

Caron said...

Wowee! What a time you are having... I have little faith in myself being able to be strict enough or consistent enough to homeschool. You do a wonderful job Charity. JJ is a little rummin but I'm sure you'll find ways to engage him & get his interest in schooling. Jason tells me he doesn't want to grow up. I'm all for teaching the way the world is, but perhaps I'm doing it too much 'cause the poor little guy doesn't want to become a grown up. I do recall saying this myself when I was a teenager. So much responsibilities... I'll ease off & let Jason be a child...

Love reading your blog.