Saturday, August 29, 2009

A peak into our week

This week has been full of school, school, and more school. We are slowly getting into a routine. Each day is getting better. Emily has continued to make progress in her reading. JJ is still not caring whether he does school work or not. He does love to use the scissors though... which is why they are on the highest shelf in the house. I'm not willing to chance his creative abilities. Andrew's science supplies came in Thursday evening, a day earlier than expected. He was excited. We opened the box when Mike and I got home from the funeral home. Two of the big beakers were crushed (thanks to UPS) despite the excellent wrapping job Home Science Tools done to help prevent damage. I will have to call them Monday to report the damage.
Friday was my birthday. I turned 34! I never thought I would still be having kids at this age, but I'm loving it. I got up earlier than I had hoped, b/c I needed to cook for my great aunt and family. My cousin Sharese Casteen passed away on Tuesday. For about an hour after I woke up, it was just me, Bekah, and Luke. The rest of the kids joined us around 10am. They had worked so hard this week doing extra lessons each day, so they could have my birthday off. I was just going to have school as normal, but they informed me that we don't school on b-days. LOL I let them enjoy their day off and sleep in. Mike crawled out of bed about 11am. I just didn't dare to wake him up. He works so hard to provide for our family, and I know he is exhausted. I thought he deserved to sleep in also. Mike and I took lunch over to my aunt's house, then we were off to SAV for my "Daddy date" as the kids refer to their birthday dates with Mike. We were going to see a movie, but there really wasn't anything playing we just had to see. We were both bummed that Transformers 2 wasn't still playing. We had lunch at the mall and done a little shopping. I had a baby shower gift to buy as well as a few things to pick up at Target. We had an amazing supper at Carraba's. I just love that place. I was MISERABLE when I left though... I ate WAY TOO MUCH! We went to Books-A-Million to browse. I don't really get to look around when I go in with the kids b/c the little ones want to go straight to the train set. We ended up leaving after buying $75 in books, classics mostly... Emma and Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austin, Dracula, A Tales of Two Cities, collection of poems by Edgar Allen Poe, a collection of stories of King Arthur, etc. We came home and cut the chocolate cake that Grandma Jean made me for my birthday. JJ told Andrew after supper, "Okay, now it's time to cut Mommy's cake!" He was waiting up for me to cut it. After he and Bekah polished off 1 1/2 slices of cake each, we got them to bed. Mike, Andrew, Laura, and I finished off our night by standing outside to watch the space shuttle take off in Florida. We were able to see the orange glow for about 5 seconds, but it was still cool to say we saw it.
This morning Papa Harold brought a surprise for the kiddos.... A RABBIT! It is a little one. It jumped up when Papa was cutting the grass in his garden and around the grape vines. Lissa says that he thought we needed a rabbit since Mike and I are so much like rabbits. Ha, ha Lissa! The kids spent the afternoon w/ Papa and Grandma while I went to a cousin's baby shower. Emi was at the shower w/ Granny and Aunt Sarah. It is her weekend to have time with them. I think Andrew may be going next weekend, so he can go to GSU's first game w/ Sarah.
Well, I'm off to take my meds for heartburn. Dr. Palmer has put me one something twice a day to help control it. Love ya bunches!

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Julie_3 said...

Wow Char, you have ahd a busy start to your school year! I hope this week is running smoothly... can't cay I blame ya about those scissors! Glad you had a great b-day!!
Love ya!