Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trying to crawl out from under the fog

Okay, I was informed by Julie Moye that I needed to get outta my funk and get my blog going again. I really am trying! I don't know what is up, but I'm just not in the mood to do much of anything.
I had a little mini-meltdown yesterday. I have so much that needs to be done before the baby arrives, and I don't see it getting done. Some of it requires Mike getting some things done before I can start my part. The way his schedule has been going, the projects will be done in.... 2 years. I'm not complaining b/c I know he works hard to support our family. I'm just saying that I need his help w/ some of this stuff. I don't think he wants me using a saw to finish cutting out the girls' closet. Yesterday, I made it a goal to get the living room uncovered. Every time I requested help, I was greeted w/ major attitude from the older two. Now I wasn't asking them to do anything that I wasn't going to be right there helping out. I wasn't going to be sitting there barking orders while they were doing the work. I just knew that I needed help cleaning out from under the couches, etc. Do you know how much stuff little ones can cram under a couch?! After a lot of attitude, I decided to let 'em slide til their daddy got home from work. I was at my breaking point and knew that anything I said or done would do more damage than good. Well, my hubby came to my rescue. He had chats w/ all the kids. At one point, he looked at me and told me I needed to stop what I was doing and go get a hot bath. Some days, I do wish the world around me would stop so I can catch my breath. But it doesn't, so I have to just take things one day at a time. With a lot of prayer, I will survive. I know there are those out there that would say, "Well, it wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have all those kids!" We all face times like this whether we have 1 or 10 kids. There isn't one of my kids I can picture my life without. I am excited about welcoming another little "Hillian" into our family. They are each a blessing.
Mike says I'm exhausted, which could be partly true. At his suggestion, I went to bed shortly after 10pm when he went to bed. What did I do?! I tossed and turned all night. I may have slept 2-3 hours. I was up w/ him at 5:15am, to make him breakfast. I have been up since. I did enjoy a couple hours of uninterrupted reading. Bekah woke up about the time Mike and I did, but she curled up on the couch next to me and was quiet as a mouse. I guess she knew Mommy needed that time. She finally went back to sleep sometime after 7am and is still peacefully sleeping on the couch.
I am off to check a load of laundry in the washer. Hope I didn't drag you down. Just wanted to get some things out before I imploded. See! My life isn't perfect. It is filled w/ the same struggles that you all have. Love ya bunches!

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Goin_Coastal said...

Always, always... remember to take time for yourself. You deserve it (and the kids do, too. Ha ha). Love you all & pray for you daily!

Julie_3 said...

Charity, I am glad you are bloggin again! Hun, I know what you are talking about we have those attitudes and those kinds of weeks here also! Next time they give attitude, make 'em clean your blinds! That usually cures my kids attitudes! *LOL*
I will be happy to pop over and visit with you, but I have no clue where you live! *LOL* We have always seen each other at church or church functions!

I am praying for you, just remember.."This too shall pass"

It is ok to be moody and have bad days! I tell my kids the only perfect person to ever walk the face of this earth was JESUS.....NOT Julie!
Love ya girl!