Thursday, August 13, 2009

A relaxing Thursday

Okay, so I had planned on having a very productive day at home. Mike didn't have to go to work at Colonial, but he did have to go to Savannah to do an a/c job. We slept in until 7:15am. He left and I stayed in bed hoping that Luke would go back to sleep. He woke up when Mike got up, so Mike put him in bed w/ me. I think I got up around 8:30am. I was so tired that I couldn't talk myself into getting up any earlier. I made my coffee and woke the rest of the household. Mike called at 9:30am to say he was going to grab him something to eat and then head home. The job didn't take long. By the time he got through traffic and drove home, it was around 11am when he got home. He was home about 2 minutes when he got a call to go back to Savannah for another a/c job. I decided to ride along this time.
He dropped me off at Target on his way to the job. I didn't feel right going to the job site. He was going to be a couple miles from the mall, so I decided to hang out there. I shopped while he worked. hehehe I got to look at what I wanted w/o him or the kids rushing me. We had a quick lunch at the food court when he was done. Then, we went to see G.I. Joe. The movie was awesome! After the movie, I needed to go by Barnett's School Supply. Of course, THE LIGHT was on. I'm not one to "break any laws," so we pulled in there for a couple dozen. :o) We made it to Barnett's and got our stuff before the bottom fell outta the clouds. Mike had decided to pick up something to eat at Checker's, so we still had to drive in the pouring rain. It stopped raining before we got to Dean Forest on I-16, so it was a pleasant ride home.
The kids were excited to see us.... when we got the boxes of goodness outta the back seat. They each got one when they finished eating their supper. Andrew wasn't happy when he found the ticket stubs to the movie. LOL He will recover from his disappointment.
Well, I'm off to check email. Love ya bunches!

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Julie_3 said...

Charity........... How could you post something so atrocious?? You had KK and did not call ME???? I would have brought grapes to you! *L*
Glad you had a good time with your sweety. Didn't Andrew get a break or two this summer when he left for camp?? Remind him if he whines about your movie!

Mom of the Hillians said...

He went to camp, Mission Possible, and spent a weekend in the mountains w/ the Tomazins this summer! And the KK's were oh so good! :)