Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend rundown

We stayed close to home Friday. Mike and Andrew started putting a dresser together that we had bought in June. I want to start moving clothes around. I need to get out bigger clothes for Luke, but I have to move out all the baby stuff. No need in packing that up just yet. LOL Anyhoo, they were working on the dresser when THE CALL came. Papa & Grandma were only 20 minutes away. Everyone started rushing around to get dressed. Do you think we were excited?! It was SOOOO GOOD to see them after a month of being in Texas. Aunt Lisa looked great. She is a miracle. I cried when I saw her. She will have to have radiation as a precaution, but she is cancer free as far as the doctors can tell. Thank you Lord!
Mike and Andrew finished up the dresser on Saturday. (We stayed late at Papa & Grandma's the night before.) Mike and I went to Statesboro that morning to get a belt for the mower. When we got home, two Netflix movies had been delivered, so you know where everyone was camped out. Mike had ordered disc 1 & 2 of the old G.I. Joe cartoon. The guys were glued to the television. I took a nap.
Sunday, we got up to go to church. I got everyone's clothes ironed and was going to get my shower when I got sick to my stomach. Mike took Andrew & Laura to church, and he came back home to wrangle the smaller Hillians. Andrew and Laura went back to church w/ Papa & Grandma that night. When they got home, Papa & Grandma had brought the little ones a treat... ice cream! Ice cream is always nice right after the kids have had a bath and have been dressed for bed. But, I guess they thought they had a month of spoiling to catch up on.
Yesterday, the kids, Grandma, and I went to Vidalia to do some grocery shopping at Walmart. We had lunch at McDonald's.... making JJ extremely happy. He told me, "Mommy, I inhaled my food!" LOL While I was shopping, I picked up half of the toothpaste we need for Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. Mike has decided we are doing 20 boxes instead of 18. I'm sure I have bought up enough stuff to cover two more boxes. Emily and JJ followed along beside Grandma. She was using the motorized shopping cart. They would get the items from the shelf. I kept hearing them tell her that they were her big helpers. One time, JJ told her, "Grandma, I love you so much!" Of course, she melted at that comment.
Mike had to leave at 12:30am for work. Luke had taken a long nap after we got home from the grocery store, so he was awake when his daddy got up. He was so excited to see him. Daddy is his favorite now. I feel for Mike when he gets home today after working at 14 hour shift. The little ones will want to climb all over him and play.
Andrew is busy washing his laundry today. He is going w/ the Tomazins to the mountains to go white water rafting. He is excited about the trip. He has had a busy summer. I'm sure it will only get busier as he gets older.
Well, I'm off to find something to eat. My 'little one to be' is telling me he is hungry. Love ya bunches!

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