Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday update...

Yesterday was a good day at home. Andrew finished cutting grass while I washed clothes. The little ones played. Mike and Andrew had to do a little crawling under Papa & Grandma's house looking for a water leak. Andrew found one, but it is a copper pipe leaking. Mike had to shut the water off until he can get the stuff to fix it. What fun! Mike and I went back to town to get Chinese and movies. Mike told JJ we were going to McDonald's, so of course he was UPSET that he couldn't go. He was standing at the backdoor watching us drive off. His eyebrows were on his chin... it's a Brannen thing! We enjoyed the movie Inkheart. Andrew and Laura have read the book.
JJ was the source of a couple good laughs. While I was changing clothes to go to town, Mike and the kids were in the living room. Mike had his nose stuck in a book. He said he heard JJ say, "One... two... three... Launch!" Then he heard something hit the ceiling and then felt it hit his foot. He looked at JJ who said, "Hey look, it is a lever!" He had taken on of the paddles and put a block under the middle of it... making a lever. Then he sat a toy on it lower end and launched it up to the ceiling. Apparently he has learned about levers on Sid the Science Kid on PBS. And then Mike and Andrew have taught him how to launch things w/ forks... at the table. grrrrrrrrrr! Of course, I always remind Mike of this when we are out somewhere and JJ wants to try his trick. **smiles sheepishly** I know I shouldn't say it, but I told him so!
The second of JJ's laughs came while we were watching Inkheart. Part of the movie was set in the mountains. My kids LOVE the mountains, even though the trip there doesn't like them. JJ had crawled up into Mike's lap during a part that was showing a view of some mountains. JJ informed Mike that he wanted to climb a mountain. His daddy told him when he got big like Andrew that the two of them would go climb a mountain. JJ replied, "And then, we can go to Mt. Everest..." Mike quickly let him know that he would be climbing Mt. Everest without Daddy's company. I almost fell off the couch laughing at the conversation. Where does this kid get it?!
Luke has tooth #5 breaking through the gum. I noticed it last night. He is also getting a little braver w/ walking. He is taking a couple steps more frequently now, but still gets impatient and drops to his knees to get somewhere quicker. He should be walking all over the place when Papa & Grandma get home.
Bekah is doing well w/ the tape on her fingers. She hasn't pulled it off. She did wake up after we had put her to bed, but quickly went back to sleep on the couch w/ me. I haven't seen evidence that she is sucking any other fingers, but I will tape them up if I do. She told me this morning that she loved me the most, but not JJ. When I told her that she did love JJ, she said, "No I don't." Her personality is really coming out now. She is my Sarah!
Emily asks me every day how long it is until Christmas. She told me the other day that she wants skates and a skateboard for Christmas. I'm not sure where she thinks she is going to use them. Which reminds me... if you haven't seen the Evian water skating babies comercial, you need to look it up on YouTube. It is too cute!
Andrew and Laura have been enjoying a little down time after a very busy June. Andrew has helped Mike w/ a couple a/c jobs lately. Laura has had her nose stuck in books... thanks Lissa! She is also helping me cook more. I'm trying to show her how to do things. I don't want her not knowing how to cook when she gets married. Although, she will have an adjustment period cooking for only two instead of a small army. I know I did when Mike and I got married. It was hard trying to judge things when I was used to helping cook for 6-7.
Well, I am going to drink a glass of water. I think I have a UTI starting. I have taken some AZO to help relieve the symptoms. The urgency is gone now, but I need to drink lots of water. Love ya bunches!

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mhsands said...

You sound a little sexiest missy... why shouldn't Andrew be learning to cook? Tell Miss Bekah that she loves me the most!!!

Julie_3 said...

Hey Charity, glad to hear you all had a good Saturday!! I will be praying for you and your UTI problems. See you all soon.

Mom of the Hillians said...

Andrew does help cook. :-P He also has to do laundry, etc. But then, I don't make Laura cut the grass, take out the trash, etc. So, I'm not really being sexest. Man and woman have their own strengths and weaknesses. I don't pretend to be as strong as Mike, b/c I'm not. God created us differently. Mike was created to handle the load of working to provide for our family,etc. I was created to carry the load of running daily things around the house.