Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Only 3 more days... maybe less!

I talked to Papa late yesterday afternoon. He said Aunt Lissa has doctor appointments today and tomorrow. If she gets done early enough and is feeling up to it, they are going to try to leave to come home around noon tomorrow. Can we all say, YAY!!!!!! It means they will be home sometime Friday instead of Saturday. I'm so excited, if you can't tell.
I had a productive day yesterday. I managed to find most of the puzzle pieces that were missing that Laura couldn't find the day before. We got most of the toys picked up in the school room. I can't say they are all picked up, b/c some of them have migrated BACK to the school room floor. grrrr I washed a couple loads of laundry, folded them, and put them away. I straighten the living room. I'm hoping to get the curtains down today to be washed. I need Mike's help for that. I removed Luke from the dining room table too many times to count. I don't know how he gets up there so fast.
Right now, I am about to lose my cool w/ a couple kiddos (Emi and JJ). They are hounding me about playing games on their computers. If you tell them to wait a minute, they wait about 15 seconds before asking again. grrrrrrrrrr Emi is turning on her computer now, and JJ got Andrew to put a game in his computer. Maybe now I can finish doing what I need to do in peace.

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