Thursday, May 28, 2009

That task is complete.....

The camp shopping is complete. YAY! There were no major fights. Only one minor disagreement w/ Andrew over a pair of shorts that I thought he would like, b/c they looked a lot like the cargo shorts he was wearing yesterday. Hello, what was I thinking?! How could I make such a mistake?! Anyhoo, the next pair of shorts I let him see, he liked.... not much difference from the first pair. **eye roll** He did manage to find a couple pair of the plaid shorts that he liked. He found one pair that he loved, but the smallest size we could find was a 28 waist, and he needs a 26. I have to share that Andrew is considerate about money. We went into Aeropostle to see what they had before we went to JCPenney. While in JCPenney, we found a couple pairs of plaid shorts but couldn't find shirts to match. We knew there were some at Aeropostle that would match perfectly, so we decided to go back there to get them. While we were walking back to the store, Andrew informed me that he would be paying for the clothes that we bought from there. He bought himself 3 shirts.
Laura found some really cute outfits too. We couldn't find a light pink shirt to go with a pair of plaid shorts, but she did get a white shirt that she could wear w/ them. I'm sure if we dig enough in her closet, we will find a light pink shirt. Some of the pants cuts are still lower than I would prefer, but the shirt lengths are long and will cover the difference nicely. She isn't one to try to show off her tummy. I think she is a little self-conscious about her "battle scars" from surgeries at a month and 3 years old. We had to do the bra shopping thing, which drove Andrew and JJ crazy. The boys stood out in the aisle and entertained themselves.
Okay, I know you want to know what JJ done to make the day interesting. Before we ever left the house, he had us laughing. While we were getting dressed, JJ comes running through the house yelling, "Move! I have to poop!" He had gone to one bathroom that was occupied, and was making a mad dash to the other bathroom. Then while we were in JCPenney, we saw a black guy that had an interesting hairdo. The sides and back were shaved with hair only on the top of his head. The hair was brushed straight up and was standing up at least 4". Andrew had seen him as we were walking through the store. Wouldn't you know it... he was in the section that we had to go to. What was JJ's reaction?! "Hey look, that guy has his hair done like a rooster!" I grabbed his mouth and told him to keep quiet. But you know what, the guy's hair did look like a rooster!
We went to pick Mike up from work a few minutes before 4pm. When we got there, he was still up on a huge ship. The kids got to see their daddy at work. He waved to them from the bow of the vessel. Bekah said, "Daddy on dat big boat!" They watched him as he was lowed by a crane in a "basket" and were totally amazed. I think the ship was from China. He comes in contact w/ so many people from around the world.
We had supper at Cheddars over near the airport. Then we went to Walmart. Oh my goodness, I was completely exhausted by the time we left. My legs were killing me. I didn't have to tell the little ones to go to bed when we got home. I took a nice warm bath and then crashed on the couch for a couple hours.
Mike is home today. He is outside mowing the lawn. I am washing new clothes and getting things ready to pack. The kids are doing their schoolwork, then it will be out to the garden to do a little weeding.
Love ya bunches!


Goin_Coastal said...

*LOL* Remind me next time I see you to tell you what Tyler said at about 5 when he literally ran into Maurice Collins in the IGA... The rooster hairdo comment will make you proud! Loved the tale @ Andrew. I feel your pain, but was so proud when he wanted to pay for his own. Says a lot about his raising ~

mhsands said...

Sounds about like the time Tyler told his teachers he was going to drive his mama back to drinking when he was asked what he would be doing for the summer. Andrew is a guud'en! Even if he thinks he is too big for hugs and kisses!

Julie_3 said...

I am so humored by JJ as I read your blog. Next time I am in a bad mood, I wanna borrow him.
Andrew seems to be growing right on up. Just wait til he wants to drive and go get his clothes WITHOUT you. I don't know which is worse.

A Whole Bunch of Hills said...

I know that will be tough.
Yes, JJ is the source of a LOT of excitement around our house... some good, some not so good.