Saturday, May 30, 2009

And another day begins...

It is so quiet right now. It is actually a little creepy. I'm the only one in the house that is stirring. I can almost here the house breathing a sigh of relief. LOL Today is our final soccer games. All three have games at noon. I'm going to MELT! I'm a little sad that the season is coming to a close, but then again, it is getting hot out there. This chick does not like to sweat. Now I don't mind getting out in my garden working, but just to sit outside in the heat is not something I can do for a long period of time. I might just have to venture down to the Moye "cool spot" and lounge under the umbrella. LOL
I finally got to watch the movie Taken. Besides the language in it, I really enjoyed the movie. As soon as I would get comfy to watch the movie, the phone would ring. Drove me nuts! Why does that happen?!
Mike has poison ivy now. He cut grass Thursday morning. Apparently, there is some in the branch behind the house. Of course, he didn't notice the rash until yesterday morning... AFTER HE HAD RUBBED HIS LEGS ON MINE ALL THURSDAY NIGHT! I am not going to be a happy camper if I get it. I don't want to have to take the meds to get rid of it with me being pregnant. And it will come to that, b/c OTC meds don't work for me. I told him last night that I was really tempted to sleep on the couch until his legs cleared up. He got home from work this morning and took a couple Benadryl. Maybe that will help him until he can see the doctor Monday. If it doesn't help, we will be in the E.R. getting him a shot.
The kids and I had supper w/ Papa Harold and Grandma Jean last night. Grandma called to see if we wanted to grill some chicken. Translation... Charity, I want grilled chicken and want you to grill it for me. LOL Papa & Grandma are already getting cucumbers from their garden, so she peeled and sliced a few of them. I think JJ ate most of them. The kid does not like a lot of be veggies, but he will eat his weight in cucumbers and carrots. He won't eat cooked peas, but will eat raw peas by the bucket full.
Luke is starting to let go while he is standing. He does it a lot when he is clapping. I am so not ready for him to walk. I have a sick feeling that he is going to try to start walking next week while Andrew and Laura are at camp and Mike is working nights. If he does, I'm gonna pinch his tiny hiney off.
Well, I must get up from here and go hang out some jeans on the clothes line... b/c Aunt Charity does old fashioned things like that. I also have to work on the budget, so I can cash a check before the soccer game. I want to get my groceries before Andrew and Laura go to camp, if possible. Love y'all bunches!


mhsands said...

It is nice and peaceful here too! Trace is out getting ready to do some yard work and Matthie is still sleeping. You know you have a catch 22 go'in on over there concerning the rubbing his legs all over you and being pregnant...

A Whole Bunch of Hills said...

LOL... I hear ya! I am hoping that I don't get the poison ivy. I can only get rid of it b/c the steriod pack. I don't want to take that being pregnant. Mike better keep his legs on his side of the bed.

Julie_3 said...

Charity you know you can always hang out with me girl... My umbrella is big enough to stick all your lil ones under also. I enjoy having your crew hang out with us, that is why we bring an extra chair.

I love that Melissa has ruined your lil Becca and Luke, they hate cameras! I have never seen kids like that, 'cept maybe mine.

You should have told me about the poison ivy thing, I had the elecon cream that is left over from my boys having poison ivy last year.I would have brought it to the game. If I get that on them right away most of the time, we can avoid shots.