Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our crazy life...

Last Monday, May 4, I had enough of our dialup connection, so I had it shut off. Oh my goodness, I can't believe I finally done it. I had had enough w/ the connection probs. I started calling around about getting satellite internet. On Friday, I called Wild Blue and ordered service through them. The installation was set for the 15th. The satellite arrived yesterday afternoon. The guy called this morning to ask if I wanted the satellite installed today... of course I said yes! It is so nice to be back online.
Andrew and I were able to get our veggie plants in the garden yesterday. I'm hoping to get more started in containers this week. I have to get my radishes planted soon. I'm ready for a little "heat" in my salads. There are little tomatoes on our bushes. Andrew and Emi will be circling them like buzzards on road kill.
Tonight at the end of supper, Rebekah got up from the table b/c she was finished eating. JJ was suppose to be eating his peas. I looked over at him b/c he had gotten up and walked over to Rebekah. What was he doing?! Feeding his peas to Bekah!!! He hasn't learned to eat his peas like Matt Matt... put them in your mouth, take a drink of tea or kool-aid, and swallow them whole. LOL Needless to say, JJ got another spoonful of peas, and he did eat them then.