Friday, April 24, 2009

And the running continues....

I don't think this week will ever be over. It seems like I have lived in an automobile all week. Tuesday, I took the little ones to the doctor and the older two to soccer practice. Then, we had supper at my parents' house. Wednesday, Mike and I went to Statesboro in search of grape tomato plants. We found them at Walmart. We ran a few more errands while over there and even had a meal ALONE!!!! I think I did manage to stay home yesterday. Today, I have already been to Excelsior to pick strawberries. I need them to make pies for the Dessert Auction at church Sunday night. Now, I am about to leave to go to Statesboro to take Luke to the doctor. I'm not sure what is going on with him, but he isn't feeling well. Oh, he has slept in his OWN bed for 4 nights! YAY!!! I have my bed back. Tomorrow is soccer games in the AM, then a b-day party after lunch. My head is spinning.

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Julie_3 said...

You make this all look so easy! I am glad you have your bed back. I know and remember those days all too well.
I hope you have an easier week this week. (LIke that is possible for home school moms)