Friday, May 20, 2011

A quick update from the crazy house...

Good gracious!!  I really don't know where to start again.  Time is just flying by a lot faster than I like.  It seems like we start a new week every other day.  Lemme think what I have to tell ya...

Andrew had 7 stitches in his thumb a few weeks ago.  He was cutting something at work and almost cut the pad off of his thumb.  Just the call a mama wants to get to start the week!  I'm so thankful they were able to stitch him back up.

Laura is just growing into a beautiful young lady.  I honestly don't know what I would do without her.  She really helps keep me straight when I am running in a million different directions.  I can tell you that her little sisters and brothers think she is pretty cool.  Jonathan loves to run to her when I have made him upset.  Laura is getting ready for a super busy summer with church activities.  I know she will be gone 3 weeks out of the summer.

Emily has lost a total of 4 teeth.  She looks so cute without her front teeth.  We cut her hair into a cute little bob.  Her hair gets too stringy when it gets long.  She looks more like her MamMa Mary each day.

JJ is still a little stinker.  That kid loves to hide and jump out at ya!  He has lost 2 teeth and trying his best to get another one ready to come out.  He is getting excited about going to i-Kamp this summer.  It is an all day VBS that our church has each year.
Bekah has been taking some swimming lessons.  It has really helped to start pulling her out of her shell.  She has started going to His House (Sunday night service for the kids) and Awanas on Wednesday nights.  She was even in the Easter program the Children's Chior participated.  For those of you that know Bekah, that is a HUGE deal. 

I have no clue where to start with Luke.  This afternoon, he came into the kitchen with the front of his shirt wet.  I asked him why it was wet to which he replied "Cuz."  Then he walked on past me.... the back of his shirt was also wet.  BUT, the sides were dry.  I don't know how he managed that, but he and Jonathan had been washing their hands in the tub.

Jonathan is not a little baby anymore.  He is growing into his personality and I'm afraid he is going to be a little sneak like Luke.  If he decides he wants chocolate chip morsels, he pulls up a chair and gets the big container out of the cabinet.  God knew what he was doing when he waited to give us boys back to back.  Luke and Jonathan keep us hopping.

Mike is working, working, working.  We are trying our best to get the van and house paid off.  We don't like having debt.  He is going to start shooting pistols competitively.  That is his new hobby.  It is nothing uncommon to hear the popping of a pistol at the back of our property.  Boys and their toys!!!

My couponing classes are starting to pick up.  With the economy tanking, people are looking for ways to cut their spending.  I do enjoy teaching them what I have learned and consider it a ministry of sorts.  I got a call from a newspaper reporter this week wanting to interview me.  How cool is that?!  Maybe that will lead to more opportunities to share.  I want to make sure I give God the glory, because He is the one that opens the doors.  It is only through Him that I can do this.

I pray this finds you all well.  Remember to live each day to the fullest because we are not promised tomorrow.  Love ya bunches! 

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