Monday, May 2, 2011

JJ lost a tooth... or two

Friday night, JJ came to me and asked if I could pull his tooth the next morning before breakfast.  I checked it and found that it was ready to come out.  I put some Orajel on it and pulled it out.  He was so excited that he talked Andrew into take him up to Papa & Grandma's house to show them.  He came home with $2.  Well, the tooth fairy didn't come Friday night.  Our dogs barked all night and kept the tooth fairy away. (Hey!  I forgot and fell asleep on the couch!  And our dogs did bark all night.)  The tooth fairy came Saturday night and left him $5.

Now when I pulled the first tooth, the tooth right next to it was loose.  I thought I would have a week or so before that one needed to be pulled.  OHHHHH NOOOOO!!!!!  JJ couldn't have any of that!  He worked on that tooth until it was ready to be pulled Sunday night.  He asked me to try to pull it.  When it didn't come out, he went back to his room and worked on it some more.  He must've done that 4 or 5 times before it was ready to pop out in my hand.  Goodness, that boy was wanting that tooth out... or wanted more money.  When the tooth finally came out, he said, "I know I will just get a dollar for this one."  I asked him how he knew, and he told me Emily had told him.  These kids!!

I pray this finds you well.  If you find typos, I'm sorry.  My brain is already asleep.  Love ya bunches!

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