Monday, June 14, 2010

Our crazy week/weekend.

Last week, Andrew and Laura went to Charleston, SC, for M-Fuge.  Andrew signed up for Games & Recreation, and Laura signed up for Children's ministries as their tracks.  They have a wonderful time.  They came back bubbling with things to tell us.  I talked to them several times during the week, and we sent texts back and forth daily.  The little ones missed their big brother and sister terribly.  I missed them too b/c I didn't have anyone to really talk to when Mike was working.
Thursday afternoon, I broke my little toe on my left foot.  I was in the schoolroom and my cellphone started ringing in the kitchen.  As I was running to answer it, I caught my toe on a dining room chair leg.  I hobbled to the kitchen and looked down at my toe as I was grabbing my phone.  My poor lil piggy was pointed out to the side.  What did I do, you ask?!    I pushed it back in place.  I answered my phone... it was my brother Paul.  After a very quick conversation through gritted teeth, I called my sister Sarah to see what time she was getting off work.  Then I called Mike to tell him to come home to take me to the doctor.  The xray showed that the bone was broken completely, but I had reset it 95%.  Woohoo!  The doctor told me to stay off of it for 2-3 days.. you know, keep it elevated.  Did that happen?  Yeah right!  With 5 little ones running around, there is no way to stay off of it.  My mama did come get Bekah and Luke for several hours Friday while Mike took JJ on his Daddy Date.  Emi stayed home to take care of me and Jonathan.  At one point, I got up to get me something to drink, and she told me to get back on the couch and put my foot up.  LOL  I have hit my poor piggy too many time to count.  Earlier this afternoon, I fell in the shower b/c I lost my balance.  Then, I was walking to close to laundry room door and kicked the fireplace.  OUCH!!!  Needless to say, I hit the floor and Laura ran for my pain meds.  LOL!!
Jonathan cut his first tooth last Tuesday night.  He is working on his second tooth right beside it.  I haven't been able to get a picture of it b/c it is on the bottom.  He likes to put his tongue in the way.
We went to visit Aunt Lissa and Matt Matt Wednesday afternoon.  Of course, Aunt Lissa had out her camera.  She let Bekah take pictures which thrilled Bekah to pieces.  JJ got his Matt Matt fix.  My kids love them so Matt Matt.  JJ was excited when Matthew passed down two play guns to him... a machine gun and a rubberband machine gun.  Thanks Matthew!  We had supper that night w/ Papa Harold and Grandma Jean to celebrate Papa's79th and JJ's 5th birthdays.  We grilled hamburgers w/ fresh tomatoes from our bushes.  YUMMY!  Papa had requested brownies and JJ had requested chocolate chip cookies.... both requests were granted. :o)
Thursday evening, we had supper at Daddy & Mama's.  My aunt and uncle were home from Afghanistan.  It was so good to spend that time with them.  Uncle Todd took Emi and JJ fishing.  Aunt Kathi took Bekah shopping for candy, drinks, and watermelons.  Please be in prayer for them as they left this afternoon to go back to work in Afghanistan.
Friday, Mike and JJ went to see the new Karate Kid movie.  They both said it was good.  While they were driving down the bypass, JJ said, "I want to eat at that place there w/ the big red thing on the sign." (Chili's)  I think Mike was excited that he didn't have to eat at McDonald's. 
We stayed home all weekend, b/c I didn't think I could handle being out and about on my foot.  My parents came to get Emi, JJ, and Bekah last night (Sunday) for VBS.  Bekah was excited that she was finally old enough to go to VBS at Granny's church.  She told Mama, "Granny, I'm three!  I'm three!"
Time to get my foot up a while.  I can tell it is swelling. Love ya bunches.

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