Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where have I been you ask?!

Let's see.... Sometime during the middle of last week, Emi, JJ, and Luke started running fevers.  I discovered last night that Luke's fever was caused by him cutting two teeth.  Emi and JJ's fevers were apparently a bug.  Then Friday, my hubby had a procedure to prevent more Hillians.  Yep, he sure did!  Lissa and I are heartbroken.  Andrew, Laura, and I have been coughing, congested, etc. all weekend.  We have tried to stay away from everyone outside our immediate family.  Bright and early Monday morning, Mike had surgery to have all four of his wisdom teeth removed.  Now are ya ready for me to tell you about the fun we had yesterday with him?!
When they wheeled him out to the car, he was still VERY groggy.  Actually, I think he was just sleep walking b/c he was out cold all the way home.  Andrew helped me get him in the house and lead him to the bedroom.  Seeing him stumbling around made me think of our partying days.  Anyhoo, I was able to feed him some pudding and give him his pain meds with Andrew sitting behind him on the bed holding him up.  I made a quick trip to Claxton to get his prescriptions filled.  Andrew sent me a text as I was getting into the car saying Mike was up and wanted to know where I was.  I had only been gone less than 30 minutes at that time.  I drove straight home and when I got about 3 miles from home, Andrew calls me in a panic.  "Mama, will you PLEASE tell Daddy that he can NOT go outside?!"  He put his phone on speaker and I told Mike to get back on the couch.  I heard "Okay, okay!  I'm sitting down!  I'm sitting down on the couch!"  When I got home, I could here Mike and Andrew talking at the back of the house.  Mike and Andrew were standing at the sliding door, Andrew with one arm around Mike's waist and the other hand trying to push the door closed.  They weren't arguing, but Andrew was telling Mike that he was NOT going outside and Mike was trying to convince him to let him just walk outside for a little while.  Think of a drunk trying to convince someone to let them do something.  At one point, Mike asks Andrew, "Who is the daddy here?"  Andrew's reply, "Right now, I think I am!"  Laura is sitting on the couch during all this laughing her butt off.  I get Mike back to the couch and within 10 seconds he is SNORING!!  Andrew said that when he hung up the phone with me, Mike looked at him and said, "Traitor!"  I finally got Mike back in bed and he slept until about 4pm.  I did go snuggle up behind him one time and he asked me, "Do you have more bread in the oven?" I told him I wasn't baking bread, and he said, "Well stop talking to me about it then." And he rolled over and went back to sleep.  Oh my goodness, we have laughed our butts off at him.  He doesn't remember ANYTHING!!!!  He doesn't remember anything after us turning onto the 301 bypass in the 'Boro going to the appointment until he woke up around 4pm.  During the time he was sitting on the couch, he had the kids' DoodlePro drawing pictures.  It was NOT a boring day.  I'm sure I have left out tons of stuff that he said or done while he was "sleepwalking."
Well, I need to find some meds to take.  Andrew, Laura, and I are still sick.  Love ya bunches!


mhsands said...

Guess there is no hope of me getting that 2nd child now!!! I think I took the news about as hard as u did!!! But, Michael on weed is pretty fun-nay! See ya'll soon... 2 1/2 weeks and I'll be free!

Goin_Coastal said...

LOL! FUN-NAY! Poor Mike has had a rough go lately. Mouth and man parts. Geez! Hope you all are on the mend ~