Friday, May 28, 2010

Was anything accomplished?!

Okay, last Friday I went on a little tirade about all the stuff in the house.  Is it still here?  Yes!  I started my Saturday morning washing clothes and trying to clean up the school room only to have Mike tell me I needed to go clean out a corner in the shed.  He needed to get there so that he could hook up the power to the shed.  Most days, I would have been excited about that, but I was really wanting to tackle the schoolroom while the little ones (really meaning Luke) were being still and watching cartoons.  I did go move everything out of the corner of the shed.  I even got rid of some stuff that should have been thrown out forever ago, so I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself.  Laura took the little ones out to play, so I was ready to start tackling the schoolroom again.  Nope, it was lunchtime!  I finally did get a table moved out of the schoolroom that had been used for the kids' computers.  The only problem with that table was that it was too high for the little ones to play comfortably.  Mike and I bought a table from Sam's Club a few weeks ago just for that purpose.  It is adjustable, so the little ones can pull their little school chairs to the table and it's just the right height.
I also managed to go through Jonathan's dresser and empty it off all the clothes he had outgrown so far.  Some things I trashed, b/c they were worn out.  Some things I kept, b/c I just couldn't part with them.  The rest is in a box to be given away to anyone who needs them.  I have to say that the process is BEYOND painful.  I'm just not ready for this phase of my life to be over, but it is.  I hate to say this, but each time I have to go through the baby stuff to get rid of it, it doesn't make me easy to get along with.  So PLEASE forgive me in advance if I get a little short with you if you call.  I'm just having a hard time dealing with it.
This weekend will hopefully be more productive.  I did manage to get the stove cleaned, which had been needing my attention for weeks now.  I am once again going to tackle the schoolroom.  I need to look through the school stuff to see what I am getting letting go.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend, it will be clutter free. :o)  I know Mike will be gone most of the day Saturday.  He and Papa are going to put up some lights/fans at Papa & Grandma's. 
Love ya bunches!

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