Friday, May 21, 2010

Just plain old frustrated!!

Where did all of this STUFF come from?!  It just blows my mind how fast it all accumulates around here.  With 7 kids, it is quiet overwhelming.  I am looking at the schoolroom and seeing all kinds of little toys that the kids have pulled out and forgotten.  Well guess what!  They are all about to go in the TRASH.  I have asked and asked and asked them to pick them up, but they choose to ignore me.  I doubt they will even notice that most of them are gone.  There are a lot of Happy Meal toys, etc.  (Four little ones + Happy Meals= too many little toys)  Plus, birthdays seem to come around every other week around here. :o)  Next month, we have 3 birthdays to celebrate- JJ on the 9th, Luke on the 19th, and Emi on the 27th.  Gotta clear things out to make room for whatever they get at their party.
I think that this weekend will be time to clean out.  No computer, no television (for me anyway), no telephone.  So if you call me and I don't answer my phone, please don't take it personally.  I just want to get this stuff done.  We can chat and get together later.  I need to go through Bekah's clothes to see what she can't wear anymore, so I can pass the clothes to someone who needs them.  Yes, I know I could sale them.  BUT, I would rather give them to someone who could use them and it be a blessing to them.  I know we have been blessed with clothes so many times.
I'm looking at some of our homeschool stuff we have bought, and I'm thinking I might give ebay a try.  Some of the curriculum just doesn't fit our family anymore, and I don't have room to hold onto it.  I would love to free up some of my shelf space for other things.  I might have to put that on my list of things to accomplish this weekend. 
Now on to something good.  In my van this morning, I found one of those blessings I was telling you about.  I found a bag of clothing for the little boys, some jeans for Emi, and some clothes for Laura.  There was also the movie Where The Wild Things Are.  JJ was excited about that find!  There was also a surprise for me!  My "Hillians" bag!!!  Check the archives to see a pic of it.  Thank you Lissa!!!  We love it all.  JJ loved the SpiderMan pillow.  He used it while he watched Wild Things. :o)
Time to get up and be productive!  Love ya bunches! 


mom2priceboys said...

HELLO!!!I homeschool 2 boy middleschoolers 5th and 6th to be 6th and 7th next school year please tell me if you have anything that would benefit me as I have nothing!!! Thank you.....Julie

mhsands said...

So glad my elf made everyone smile (he has that same effect on me). Love to all!