Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We're home!

We got home at 1am Tuesday.  We have slept late the last two mornings, and I'm still exhausted.  It will take a while for me to catch up on my sleep.
We had a wonderful time in Pennsylvania, visiting Adam, Kara, Makenna, and Logan.  Each time I think about our visit I start tearing up b/c I miss them all terribly.  When we got to their house, Logan was crying and what a wonderful sound to hear in that house.  Thank you God for such a blessing added to our family.  He is absolutely beautiful.  He has the chubbiest cheeks that just beg to be squeezed and kissed. :o)  He looks so much like Makenna!  Makenna is a very proud big sister.  Adam and Kara are beaming with love for their beautiful family. 
The week flew by all too quickly.  Adam got called into work Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, so Kara showed us around.  Wednesday, we went to Wilkes-Barres, PA, to visit the television station that Kyla (Kara's sister) works at co-anchoring the morning show.  Kyla gave us the tour of the studio.  I have to say I was a bit nervous walking around there especially when we went into the control room.... too many buttons that would be too much of a temptation for little fingers to push. 
Thursday, we took the kids to Hershey, PA.  Yummy!  We went on a little ride at Chocolate World that simulated some of the candy making process.  We also took in the 3-D show.  The weather was beautiful, so we enjoyed our lunch outside.  We went to the Hershey Museum.  Do you know that Milton Hershey had only a 4th grade education?!!  In 1918, he put $60 million into a trust for a children's home/school that he and his wife started.  It wasn't until 1923 that anyone found out about it after New York Times discovered it and reported it. 
Saturday and Sunday, Adam, Mike, Andrew, and JJ hung out together.  The girls and I stayed around the motel doing laundry and relaxing.  We weren't able to go to Wasington DC, this trip.  We had talked about going to the Crayola Factory, but we didn't want to wear out Kara.  We will save those things for another visit.  Sunday evening, we all went to an indoor playground to let the kids use up some of their energy.
Monday morning, my sweet brother made breakfast for us before we left to come home.  He cooked bacon and sausage at his house, then cooked the pancakes in our motel room.  We had a kitchen in our room. 
Leaving was so hard.  I was missing them before we even left.  I think most of us were crying.  Makenna had stayed with us in our room every night except the first two nights.  The only reason she didn't stay those nights is b/c we were all exhausted the first night and Andrew, Laura, and Emi stayed at her house the second night.  She rode with us everywhere we went.  When we left the motel, JJ still thought she was with us.  It took several minutes to convince him that she was with Uncle Abba and Aunt Kara, and they were going to their house and not following us. 
I am hoping to post some pics later this week.  I haven't checked to see if my computer will read my memory card from my new camera.  I pray you are all having a wonderful week.  I'm hoping to get some rest this weekend, then I will call family to arrange visits.  Love ya bunches!

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mhsands said...

I will be waiting on my call! Not to worry, I have spring break coming up too! :)