Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lord please help me!

I am still dragging from vacation.  I have no energy.  I have a list of things that need to be done and no desire to get them done.  The little ones are suffering from seasonal allergies.  This always happens when we come home from Iowa.  It is cool/cold in Iowa w/ nothing blooming, then we come home to everything blooming.  It makes the kids grumpy and Mommy grumpy as well. 
The kids had their first soccer games of the season this morning.  Soccer practice started the Monday after we left for Iowa and the first game was last Saturday.  This was JJ's first time playing soccer and wouldn't you know it... I forgot my camera at home!  I thought about it last night and again this morning, but I was doing something else and couldn't put it with the diaper bag.  I didn't think about it until we were unloading at the church.  Bad Mommy!!  Oh well, it was too cold to be taking pics anyway.  I will have to make sure I take my camera next Saturday.  If I think about it, I will take the camera Monday night for practice.  All the kids' teams won their games.  YAY!  Laura is helping her Aunt Laura coach JJ's team.  Laura is also playing on a team.  Emily is playing on a team.  Andrew is helping coach the 4th-5th graders.  Andrew is wishing his year was up to rest his knee.  He misses playing.  We are involved w/ every age group out there with either a child playing or coaching.  LOL  At 10am,  Andrew and Laura were coaching, and Emily and JJ were playing... all on 3 different fields.  I sat in one spot where I could kinda keep an eye on all of them.
Well, I'm off to give the kiddos some allergy meds.  Maybe that will help them breathe.  Love ya bunches!

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