Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And it drags on...

Mike went to the urologist (sp?) yesterday in Savannah.  We are a little irritated about the visit.  He didn't look at the CT scan cd from Friday, nor did he look at the radiologist report.  He did do a x-ray, but the stone didn't show up well.  He said some stones don't show up b/c there isn't enough calcium in it.  Mike's kidney stones in the past have been b/c of uric acid.  He said 90% of the time, they are caused by the same thing.  Uric acid kidney stones don't show up on x-rays.  Hmmmm... Okay, if ya can't see them on an x-ray, then do another CT scan so we know exactly where the stone is.  He didn't!  He told Mike that breaking it up isn't an option b/c it is too far down in the tube.  He say, "We could cut it out, but we don't do that anymore."  Why mention it?!  The option he wants to do is go get it w/ a scope.  OUCH!!!!  Mike says he doesn't think he wants that.  :o)  I told him he would be asleep, so he wouldn't feel a thing.  The doctor told Mike if he decided that is what he wants to do, then to call back and they could get it scheduled within 2-4 days.  Ummm... by that time, there is a good chance Mike will have passed it.  It is the 6mm stone we are talking about.  I don't think the 2mm stone was even discussed.  He gave Mike some stronger meds to take.  Mike says he is going to try to pass it on his own.  Love you babe!  I will be here with you, praying that it will pass quickly.  I so wish I could take the pain away.  I don't like seeing my man in pain.  To add to this, he is getting gout in his big toe.  Another huge OUCH!!!  Also caused by high uric acid levels.  Guess I need to be researching online to see if there are ways to lower uric acid levels.  Say a prayer for him!
Love ya bunches!

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Julie_3 said...

I have a few things about uric acid in my natural remedy book... I will try to scan and email it to you! Tell Mike I feel his pain and will be praying as well.