Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The 12th already?!

Goodness!  We will blink our eyes, and January 2010 will be gone.  It has been so crazy around here that the time is flying by all too quickly.  My babies are growing up.  My Bekah Rae will be 3 on Friday.  Jonathan is already 2 months old.  I have TWO teenagers in the house.  I'm telling you that as crazy busy as my life is, I'm not looking forward to one day not having any kiddos in the house.  Although, I would have grandbabies by then to love and spoil!  And I would get some quiet time w/ Mike, which is something we don't get to enjoy as much as I would like.  I will miss these days of not knowing which way to go next, noisy afternoons b/c it is too cold or wet to go out to play, huge messes to clean up after the little ones are finished playing, etc.  I will miss the long days of lessons with many interruptions, the mountains of laundry.
Mike and I took all the kids to SAV Sunday afternoon.  Of course, Bekah had to add a little excitement to the trip by getting car sick.  We have become very good unbuckling and grabbing the trashcan as soon as she does "the cough."  You moms know that cough.  We started our day at the outlet stores.  I got a couple outfits for Bekah's birthday and a few other gifts.  Then we headed the Oglethorpe Mall.  All I can say is we hit the jackpot at Old Navy.  We walked out of there w/ 3 big bags full of clothes for $90.  Of that total, there was a sweater for Laura that was $24.50 and a belt for Andrew that was $15.  We got pants for the little ones for $1.47, matching button up shirts for the three little boys for $1.47 each (glad I didn't buy those the week before Christmas for $14.50 each), t-shirts for $0.47.  Laura and I just glanced over the women's clothing, but didn't take the time to really dig through them.  I'm sure if we would have had the time to really look, we could have pieced together some cool outfits.  But the natives were getting restless and hungry.  We took them to supper at Masato's... YUMMY!  We didn't have to share a table with anyone b/c we took it up with our small army.  YAY!  The only drawback to Masato's is that you have to share a table with riff-raff sometimes.  The meal was sooooo good.  It was Luke's first time there where he actually knew what was going on .  His reaction to the fire... "Wow!  Wow!"  He loved it.  I forgot my camera in the van, and it was too late to get it by the time I realized it.  After a wonderful meal, we went to Target to walk some of it off.  We were so full that we were miserable.  Of course, we brought our leftovers home for lunch the next day.  Anyhoo, back to Target.  Laura had money from Christmas that she wanted to spend on clothes.  We looked around Target and she found a cute dress.  I found several cute dresses that I would love to have, but my clothes have to be separates until I am finished nursing Jonathan. :o(  We had a great day together. The little ones loved their trip to Target.  Not sure why, but they love Target as much as I do.
Well, off to start another load of laundry.  Love ya bunches! 

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