Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday already?!

I have no clue where this week has gone.  I have been in a fog all stinking week.  I have had headaches off and on.  I don't know if it is my hormones, sinuses, or the need for a chiropractic adjustment.... or all of the above.  All I know is I want them gone... for good.  I have been able to cope w/ the pain by just taking OTC drugs.  I don't want to take the prescription meds unless I can't control the pain otherwise.  Don't want to make my little man sleepy.
Speaking of my littlest man... Jonathan went to the doctor yesterday for his 2 week checkup.  He weighed in at 7 lbs, 5 oz.  YAY!  Dr. Zeanah said he needed to weigh at least 7 lbs, so that was all good.  She had to put something on his navel  to seal up where the 'billa cord' fell off, b/c it was bleeding some.  It came off last Sunday, so I knew it shouldn't be bleeding this late in the week.  Other than that, our little man is perfect.  We don't have to go back until his 6 week checkup.  Dr. Zeanah asked how the little ones were adjusting to Jonathan.  Well, they all fight over who is going to hold him first.  They keep his head wet w/ kisses.  Emily is becoming a mother hen.  Does that sound like they are adjusting well?!  They are already talking about 'the next one.'  hmmmm
Andrew also had to go to the doctor yesterday.  His left knee and left wrist has been bothering him for a few months.  I thought it was just growing pains for a while, but finally decided to have it checked out to make sure nothing serious was wrong.  Dr. Hawkins said he may have bruised the bone in his wrist, but it should be fine.  He ordered x-rays on his knee.  He may have cracked or broken something in the knee.  There really isn't anything to do for it.  But, he said Andrew needed to rest it for A YEAR!  That means no soccer, no flag football, no running, no jumping for a year.  This should be a fun year.  I guess he can still coach.  We will have to wait and see.  We should have the report Monday or Tuesday.
Have I told you guys that I have the most amazing husband?!  Well... I do.  You are probably asking what he has done so special that has me in awe of him.  He has just been himself.  He does such a wonderful job providing for our family.  He works those crazy hours.  He loves ME!  He chose ME to spend the rest of his life with! 
Enough of mushy stuff.  I have to go find something else for my headache.  Love ya bunches!   

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Lori Beck said...

That is so sweet what you write about Mike! No wonder ya'll have a whole bunch of Hills! LOL. I am sorry you are having headaches. I do pray that you get better...or by now...better!
Lots of love,