Monday, November 2, 2009

I can't believe it!

This time tomorrow night, I should be in the hospital.  Dr. Palmer said he had thought about letting me wait until Wednesday morning, but decided to put me in tomorrow night to do the cervadil.  It is what we have done in the past, so I'm fine with that.  He will start the actual induction Wednesday morning.  I should be holding Jonathan before lunch. 

The four littlest ones are sick.  I think it is just a stomach bug AGAIN.  I really think that Bekah picked it up from a Walmart shopping cart last Monday when they went with me to the 'Boro.  She still sucks two of her fingers.  Of course, Grandma Jean is worrying herself silly.  She thinks I should run to the doctor everytime the kids get sick, even for a virus.  It amazes me that the older people think that an antibiotic will do something for a virus.  They just don't understand that an antibiotic doesn't cure everything.  I have been walking around spraying everything with Lysol and wiping everything w/ Clorox wipes.  I love those things!  I'm just praying that Andrew and Laura stay well b/c they will have to help out w/ the little ones while I'm in the hospital.
Not only did the kids get sick Sunday, but our big freezer started acting up.  It isn't cooling right.. or should I say not staying as cool as needed.  Mike thinks it is the door gasket, so I ordered it online last night.  We bought the freezer from Lowe's 2 or 3 years ago, and you would think that they would carry the gaskets.  Wrong!  I had to order the stupid thing online.  The cheapest place still cost us $75.  Holy cow!  It should be here tomorrow or Wednesday, so Mike will have to come home from the hospital to work on the freezer.  I'm just praying that is all that is wrong.

Came home from my doctor's appointment to find Laura washing her laundry.  When the washer started spinning out, it sounded like something was slipping.  At that point, I was ready to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head.  This could NOT be happening!  So, I guess Mike will have to check on that tomorrow when he gets home from work.  I knew he was tired this afternoon, so I didn't ask him to check it out.  I will just do the few loads of laundry at Grandma's tomorrow. 

Well, I'm going to make sure the kitchen is clean.  I might just go to bed "early" tonight.  Love ya bunches!


Julie_3 said...

YAY!! Jonathan will be here tomorrow!!!! I am so excited! I have my camera ready... I will try to be there early, but I have to have my coffee first! I cannot wait. I am almost as excited as you are!

mhsands said...

Charity, I can't tell you how truly sad I am about not being there tomorrow. I've never missed any of my n&n birth dates. It is honestly bring tears 2 my eyes! U know I love me some Hillians. Just plan on me coming as soon as I get home! Wild horses could not keep me away! I am so happy for all of you and especially Andrew having another opportunity to see baby feet! Pleeeeaaassseeee give LJ a super soft hug and kiss from AL! And tell Jacob I haven't forgotten about our date...