Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally getting time to post...

It has been a while, but I'm finally making the time to post the happenings of the past two weeks.  It's not like I have just been sitting around the house, eating bon-bons, and watching to soaps.  It has been a busy time in our house.
We welcomed Jonathan into our home on November 4, 2009, at 5:57am.  He weighed 6 lbs, 15 oz, and was 20 1/4 in. long.  Mike and I got to the hospital at 11:15pm the night before, to start getting things ready to start the induction around 8:30am.  The nurse put in the cervadil (sp?) around 1:40am, and started an antibiotic that I have to have around 2am... just in case I went into labor.  I was only dialated 1-2cm, and my cervix was high and thick.  I settled in to get some rest.  Around 4:30am, I started hurting in my back.  At 4:45am, I realized I was having contractions.  This was the 5th pregnancy that I had been induced and the cervadil had not put me into labor before.  I called my nurse and she was shocked, b/c none of my contractions were showing up on the monitors.  She thought I was sleeping.  She checked me and I was at 4cm... definitely in labor!  I called my parents at 5am to let Mama know that I was in labor.  The nurse was getting things ready for the delivery (bringing in the baby scales, turning on the warmer, bringing in the lights and supply tables, etc), b/c I told her once I get to 5cm it is all over.  She checked me a few minutes after 5am, and I was at 5cm.  At that point, she decided to call Dr. Palmer.  Our little man made his entrance at 5:57am....  1 1/2 hours after labor started!  Wooohoooo!  Granny missed the delivery... she was 10 mins away.  I was in my regular postpartum room by the time we were suppose to be starting the induction.  All of the staff at the hospital was awesome.  There were a lot of them that we had before... and they remembered us.  LOL  The CDC had just started a restriction on any visitors under the age of 18, so Andrew, Laura, Emily, Jacob, Rebekah, and Luke had to wait until we came home Friday to meet their baby brother.  I'm sure I don't have to tell you how excited they were when we drove up to Papa and Grandma's house.
The little ones have adjusted very well to having another baby in the house.  Luke LOVES kissing Jonathan's head.  Emi, JJ, and Bekah love holding him.  The first time I nursed Jonathan at home Bekah said, "He eat you boob?"  LOL  I guess she had forgotten how I fed Luke.  JJ is really fascinated w/ his "billa cord."  He keeps asking when I'm going to take it off of Jonathan.  Andrew and Laura want to hold Jonathan any time he is awake.  Emily tells me constantly how cute Jonathan is.
Sunday afternoon, Mike and Andrew went to town to buy some Vaseline for Jonathan's circumcision.  They bought a 13 oz. jar.  Monday afternoon, I finally decided that I would try to take a nap b/c I was exhausted.  About 20 mins after I got in bed, Mike came in the room saying, "Well, you have another one!"  I looked up to see him carrying Luke.  Mr. Luke was COVERED in Vaseline!  He had dug out over half of the jar.  It was all over his arms, legs, shirt, MY COUCH COVER, and Emi's back.  Oh my goodness, I was ticked off.  I think it took 5 or 6 washings w/ detergent and Dawn to get it out of the couch cover. grrrrrrrrrrrrr  Emi done that before when she was a little older than Luke, but she got it all over my new $180 bedspread.  Mike was watching her then too.  Needless to say, I haven't taken another nap this week unless Luke was asleep also. 
Mike went back to work today.  He is working 4am-4pm today through Sunday, then 4pm to 4am Monday & Tuesday.  He has called me twice already.  I'm not sure if he misses me or the kids.  Luke is missing his daddy.  I still haven't had my "big cry."  I always have one big cry for no apparent reason, and then everything mellows out after that.  I have tried to slow down as much as possible, so I'm not completely exhausted.  But, there is only so much that I can put off with having such a large family.  Mike and the kids have helped out, but I don't expect them to do everything for me.  Life doesn't stop b/c I have had a baby.  Grandma did have lunch ready for us when we got home from the hospital.  Tracy & Lissa bought pizza for us Sunday night... which we didn't intend for them to do.  We were planning on treating them this time.  Mama has offered to cook, but I hate to put anyone out.  I did make fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and zipper peas for lunch Sunday.  I was sooooo ready for it too. 
I am so thankful for family and friends who have prayed for us during this special time.  I appreciate the hospital visits and the calls more than you will know.  We haven't been bombarded w/ home visits which I really appreciate, b/c it has given us time as a family to get to some sort of normal.  I have been able to rest some instead of feeling like I have to entertain.  We love you all bunches! 


Goin_Coastal said...

Love ya'll, and are SOOOO happy for you!!! Kiss baby J for me

mhsands said...

JD was our treat silly!

Julie_3 said...

Char, so glad all is going well with Jonathan.... give him kisses for me! I am sorry about the vaseline... it could have been worse, Matthew filled Chris's old truck with the water, "Cuz he was helping Daddy" when he was about 3 yrs. old and Karen (Chris's sister) was supposed to be wathcing him! It took us FOREVER to run that gas outta his truck! Hope you get some quality naps in this week and get rested.
Love you guys...