Friday, September 25, 2009

Please tell me it's true!

Is it really Friday?!  I am in need of a weekend.  With the kiddos sick, there wasn't any school accomplished this week, but it sure feels like I have been ran over by a school bus.  I am in a better mood this morning, but I'm not feeling the best.  I'm not getting sick... I'm not getting sick... I'm not getting sick.  Maybe if I keep chanting that, it will come true.  Mike went back to work this morning to work 4am to 4pm.  He called around 9am to check on me and said he has a headache that he can't get rid of.  I do miss him already, even though he and the kids were driving me nuts throughout the week.  You know Mike is a big kid, so you can just imagine all the "fun" he has going on around here when he is home.  Lukey woke up calling his daddy.  He has been walking around the house looking for him all morning.
The kids really have been good while they were sick.  To help entertain them one day, I baked cupcakes and let them decorate them.  Yes, I know... add sugar to a kid's system that is already climbing the walls because they have been shut up in the house for several days.  They had fun and that is all that matters.  Of course, no one was dressed the best, but hope you enjoy the pics.

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Goin_Coastal said...

Looks like GREAT fun! Hope everyone is back to their best soon.

Julie_3 said...

Who cares about your official home school attire? I love seeing the pics of your kids! Glad you guys are all feeling a good deal better...
Oh that about you not feeling well... Did not the Bible say something about.... speak those things that be not as thought they are.... I speak health, energy, and good days for you! Call me if you need me.
Love ya girl!

mhsands said...

Since you r n the sweet mode, how about some rice krispies? Kisses 2 my babies!