Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A nice surprise!

Last night before I could go to bed, Luke woke up crying.  I let him fuss for a few minutes.  I didn't want him to wake up Mike, so I got him.  I ended up sleeping on my side on the couch w/ him draped on my side until 12:30am.  Needless to say, I was hurting by the time I got to get in bed.  Luke was restless the rest of the night.  I could tell he wasn't feeling well.  When I got up this morning, JJ was running a low grade temp.  He woke up and went straight to the couch to go back to sleep.  After staying there for about an hour, he put himself back to bed.  We didn't hear anything out of him again until after 2pm.  Emi has a low grade temp.  Now, Luke's temp is hanging out around 100*, JJ's around 102*.  I'm thinking that Julie sent her cooties to my house. 
Even though my day hasn't been the best, I had a pleasant surprise midday.  Andrew had checked the mail several times today, but there wasn't anything in the mailbox.  He knew we were suppose to get a movie from Netflix, so he decided to check inside the van to see if the mail was there.  When we have a package that is too big for the mailbox, our mailman will put everything in the van or Mike's car.  I knew I hadn't ordered anything and Mike hadn't mentioned ordering anything, so I was surprised to see Andrew carrying in a package.  It was addressed to me with no return address.  Inside there was a piece of paper w/ For Jonathan printed on it.  There was the cutest little plush, musical seahorse in it.  You squeeze it and it's tummy lights up and plays music for 5 minutes, I think.  Bekah feel in LOVE with it.  There were also two swaddling wraps.  Those things are wonderful.  I have one, but had planned to buy one or two more so I would have spares when the other was in the wash.  I have no clue who sent the package, but if you are reading this, thank you so much.  Of course, I had a few tears b/c of someone's anonomous thoughtfulness.  You are a true gem!  It was a bright spot in a gloomy day.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Well, I have to get up from here and start getting my little germies to bed.  They are cranky, and I need a break.  Love ya bunches!
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mhsands said...

Tell Andrew I PROMISE to get his books (well, and the others too) to him VERY soon. Been soooo busy!

Julie_3 said...

Char, I promise I did NOT send my germs anywhere.... I just packed them up and ushered them out the door! :o)
I am so sorry you guys all have this crud going around, I know how tough it was for half of my family to get it...Please call if you need ANYTHING!!! I will do a drive-by Lysol drop... or I can leave soup on your doorstep!
We will keep you all in our prayers! Love you guys...