Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy week so far

Yesterday morning, I had to be in Statesboro for my OB checkup. I got the results of my quad-screen test (tests for spinal bifida, down syndrome, and not sure what else.) The test came back negative. Thank you Lord! I have gained a whole 4 lbs this pregnancy, so far. I am 22 weeks today. I can't believe it!
This morning, Luke had his 12 month checkup. He weighed 18 lbs, 2 oz. I can't remember how long he was. They said his iron was low, so we have to work at getting that up. He has a recheck in 6 weeks. He got 4 shots, so you can imagine his mood today.
Mike and I went to Vidalia to have tires put on Mike's car. That was a nice chunk of change to spend. While we waited, you know we had to browse WallyWorld. We bought the shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. We also got the crayons we would need to stuff them. I buy the stuffers all year so it won't be such a hit to the pocketbook in November, especially since we do 2 shoeboxes per family member. This year, we will be adding a little one so that means 2 more boxes. Could you imagine the hit to the checkbook if I wait to buy everything for 18 boxes at one time?! OUCH!
I took a much needed nap when we got home. It was so nice hearing the rain beating down on the roof. I think we have had over 1 1/2" since 2pm. My garden is happy.
Well, off to referee a fight between Andrew and JJ. Love ya bunches!

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Julie_3 said...

Hey Charity... glad your tests were negative!!
I am not happy that anyone has to deal with children bickering, but I am glad to know that I am not the only one who has to deal with this.
We are thankful for all the rain as well.
Good idea for the shoeboxes, I had not thought of doing it. I did them one year, but it is always something around the time they are due.

mhsands said...

Tell Michael that we are freezing over here! :) I can't believe what a difference he made... We keep it on 78 during the day and 76 at night; but we've had to turn it up several times now b/c it is so much cooler!

Mom of the Hillians said...

Well he is good like that, Lissa! Now if I can get him to slow down long enough to clean ours. LOL I have a long list of things I would like us to accomplish in the next few weeks. You know, before I get as big as a house.