Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not feeling well this morning

I woke up this morning w/ a terrible sore throat and earache. I'm wondering if it is from sinus drainage during the night. I have taken some Tylenol in hopes that it will make it stop hurting. I don't want to be sick this week. I want to go on our secret trip. I am doing laundry, even though I would rather be in bed. I have to get everything washed, so I can start packing for everyone. It should be interesting packing for me, Mike, and the little ones w/o Andrew and Laura finding out. LOL
Well, I'm off to find some throat spray.
Love ya bunches!

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Julie_3 said...

Charity, I am sorry your feeling under the weather.
I hope you get better this minute! I know you guys wanna take your trip.
I didn't make it this morning, had a job to do. I ma trying to find out the laws of the states that we are looking at moving to, had to mkae sure we follow all H/S laws to a T.

Julie_3 said...

I am about tired of my typos, got get Chris to follow up and get the laptop to spell check for me! Overlook 'em I am not re-typing it.