Friday, May 1, 2009

Yay! It's Friday!!!!

I didn't think Friday would ever get here this week. I have felt on edge all week. I'm thinking it must be the hormones messing with me. Mike will be heading back to Savannah in an hour or so to do a couple more a/c jobs. I told him I would break his legs if he plans something tomorrow. He and Andrew worked in Savannah doing a/c jobs on Monday and Tuesday. I need my man home for a couple days. I miss him.
I found out why JJ was quiet yesterday. He had a red crayon and was drawing on my van seats. Mike took the back row of seats out of the van when we went to Iowa. He has been so busy since we got home that he hasn't put them back in. I think I got all the marks out with carpet cleaner. I just saved JJ's butt from the wrath of "Kingdaddy."
Luke still had fever last night. He woke up a few times during the night. When Mike got home from work at 5am, he put Luke in our bed. grrrrrrrr! Right now, he is crawling around and playing.
Andrew and Laura have a soccer game tonight at church. It is the youth versus the adults. It should be interesting. As long as Luke doesn't have fever, I will go watch. The kids have their regular soccer games tomorrow.
Well, time to go water my seedlings.


Caron said...

he he he.. Sounds like JJ is just delightful... never a boring moment with him around. It used to be Emily who was making life interestng... Are the other's all calm & quiet & helpfull?? I haven't updated my blog because no-one visits but I will if you want to catch up. I love to read what you have been doing. Your family is so adoreable & you have a great way of telling a story, Charity.

Anonymous said...

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