Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another day w/ the Hillians...

Yesterday was a nice relaxing day. Mike was home from work... YAY!!! I rode with him over to Statesboro early in the morning. On the way home, he decided to rent a few movies in Claxton. I had a couple hours all to myself while they were watching movies. How nice! We did get a shower of rain about the time the grill was ready to put the ribs on it. Mike is such a sweetie. Although I told him I would be fine, he got the big umbrella out of the van to hold over me while I flipped the ribs and added the bbq sauce. Or maybe... he just didn't want the seasonings to get washed off the ribs. LOL Either way, he kept me partially dry. The kids always love it when Daddy is home, b/c he is another kid.
I did manage to clean Leo's tank. YUCK!!! How can one little turtle make the water so nasty?! He wash happy to be back safely in his aquarium after an hour of the little ones shaking the bowl he was in.
Bekah took a late nap, so she was up LATE. I think she finally went to sleep on the couch somewhere between 1:30 and 2am. Needless to say, I'm drinking my coffee for a little pick me up.
Now off to wash laundry!

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